Armor Upgrades

This page includes new upgrades for armor.

Upgrade Level Price Slots Armor Type Bulk Source
Phason emitter (Hybrid) 3 1,850 1 Any L EG:SL:AE
Weapon integration system 4 2,250 1 Light, heavy EG:SL:AE

List Of New Armor Upgrades

Phason Emitter (Hybrid)

This energy emission system is installed on your armor’s back, allowing it to warp space-time and add additional kinetic energy to your melee attacks. You can compress your armor into a sphere roughly 1/16th your size by using these emitters to open an extradimensional space within the armor for your body to occupy. Doing is a free action that doesn’t change your size category, but it does allow you to move through an area as small as one-quarter your space without squeezing, or one-eighth your space when squeezing.

While compressed, you have 360º vision and move via rolling your spherical armor. You gain a +2 bonus on Acrobatics checks made to tumble while compressed, and if you use the total defense action while compressed the bonus to your AC increases from +4 to +6. You can’t attack with any weapons except unarmed strikes while compressed (which you accomplish via ramming your armor into opponents), but your unarmed strikes aren’t considered archaic weapons and count as having the shock infusion.

Weapon Integration System

This high-tech device allows you to install a weapon into a suit of light or heavy armor, as if it were a suit of powered armor. You can have multiple weapon integration systems installed in a single suit of armor, with each armor upgrade granting you one weapon slot. If you have only one weapons slot, you can only install a one-handed weapon into the slot. A two-handed weapon occupies two weapon slots, a heavy weapon occupies three weapon slots, and a weapon with the unwieldly weapon special property occupies one additional slot beyond the number usually needed, based on its type.

This armor upgrade can only be installed in light or heavy armor.

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