Augmentations are special enhancements for a character's body that provide bonuses, new abilities, or other benefits. Third-party publishers have introduced a variety of different types of augmentations, so rather than putting them together on one page, this wiki has split them up by category. The new rules for augmentations presented below generally follow the rules for augmentations presented in the Starfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook, except as noted in each entry.

Bioware Augmentations

Bioware covers the modification of living creatures, usually by changing their DNA. The effects of bioware may or may not be obvious to others - when it is, it's often intentional.

See Also: Clones, Cosmetic Mutations, Genetic Templates, Minor Deformities, Symbionts, Bioware Feats

Cybernetic Augmentations

Cybernetics are a larger, more obvious form of augmentation. Most cybernetics are made of metal, plastic, and computer parts, though some bioware may or may not be included.

See Also: Avatars, Malware, Cybernetic Feats

Nanotech Augmentations

Nanotech augmentations rely on massive colonies of nanomachines, and may be all but undetectable until they activate and start working.

See Also: Nano-Weapons, Nano-Armor, Nanocolonies, Nanomedicine, Nanoviruses, Nanotech Feats

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