Bioware Augmentations


Biotech includes technologically-focused changes to a creature's body, generally without touching their genetic structure too much. Biotech that does edit genes is found under Bioware, below.

Table: Biotech

Augmentation Level Price System Source
Biotic flight, Mk 1 1 400 Spinal column EG:SL:AE
Muscle mass magnifier, Mk 2 1 100 Muscles EG:SL:AE
Spiked growths 1 175 Skeleton EG:SL:AE
Muscle mass magnifier, Mk 2 3 1,200 Muscles EG:SL:AE
Adamantine boneplates, Mk 1 5 3,025 Skeleton EG:SL:AE
Biotic flight, Mk 2 5 2,750 Spinal column EG:SL:AE
Muscle mass magnifier, Mk 3 5 2,650 Muscles EG:SL:AE
Adamantine boneplates, Mk 2 7 6,950 Skeleton EG:SL:AE
Adamantine boneplates, Mk 3 9 17,975 Skeleton EG:SL:AE
Biotic flight, Mk 3 9 12,000 Spinal column EG:SL:AE
Muscle mass magnifier, Mk 4 9 12,000 Spinal column EG:SL:AE
Muscle mass magnifier, Mk 5 11 23,000 Spinal column EG:SL:AE
Adamantine boneplates, Mk 4 12 48,850 Skeleton EG:SL:AE
Muscle mass magnifier, Mk 6 13 46,000 Spinal column EG:SL:AE
Adamantine boneplates, Mk 5 14 105,000 Skeleton EG:SL:AE
Muscle mass magnifier, Mk 7 15 94,000 Spinal column EG:SL:AE
Adamantine boneplates, Mk 6 16 163,500 Skeleton EG:SL:AE
Muscle mass magnifier, Mk 8 17 216,000 Spinal column EG:SL:AE
Adamantine boneplates, Mk 7 19 542,000 Skeleton EG:SL:AE
Muscle mass magnifier, Mk 9 19 480,000 Spinal column EG:SL:AE
Muscle mass magnifier, Mk 10 20 720,000 Spinal column EG:SL:AE

List of Biotech

Adamantine Boneplate

You fuse sheets of adamantine alloy designed to deflect attacks directly to your skeleton. You gain an amount of damage reduction equal to the augmentation’s model (Mk 1 grants DR 1, Mk 2 grants DR 2, and so on). If you have natural damage reduction equal to or greater than your adamantine boneplate, adding adamantine boneplate increases the value of your natural DR by 1. If you have natural DR of a value less than your adamantine boneplate, the value of DR from your adamantine boneplate increases by 1.

You can’t have both adamantine boneplate and dermal plating implanted at the same time; treat these augmentations as if they modified the same system for this purpose.

Biotic Flight System

You augment yourself with modifications to your nervous and skeletal systems and implant new locomotive limbs as modified for a creature of your race, granting you the ability to fly. A minimal biotic flight system is tenuously implanted and unable to fully support your weight, granting you the ability to attempt a DC 15 Acrobatics check to fall safely from any height, as if using a 1st-level flight spell. If you succeed on a second DC 15 Acrobatics check, you can use this biotech to glide, moving 5 feet laterally for every 20 feet that you fall.

A standard biotic flight system is more comprehensive and invasive, granting you a fly speed equal to half your base speed with clumsy maneuverability. A complete biotic flight system is fully integrated into your nervous system and often includes biotic parts custom-grown from stem cells with your genetic information, granting you a fly speed equal to your base speed with good maneuverability.

Regardless of the augmentation’s model, a biotic flight system doesn’t function in a vacuum (such as the void of space), and the flight granted by the augment is an extraordinary ability, the result of bioengineering rather than magic. At the GM’s decision, especially thick or thin atmospheres may grant you a bonus or penalty on Acrobatics checks to fly. Normally a biotic flight augmentation takes the form of special membranes grafted into your body (for a minimal system) or wings (for a standard or complete systems), but sometimes they take more unusual forms, such as a biotic system that mirrors a haan’s balloon webbing or psychic levitation, even downright silly enhancements to your existing form such as transforming your tail into a propeller capable of liftoff.

Muscle Mass Magnifier

You inject a biotic stimulate into your blood that enhances your muscles, augmenting the strength and speed of your punches, kicks, and similar attacks. Whenever you attack with an unarmed strike, you can choose to replace your unarmed strike’s nonlethal weapon special property for the penetrating weapon special property, using the biotech’s level as your unarmed strike’s item level. This decision is made each time you make an attack roll with an unarmed strike, before the result of your attack is revealed.

If your muscle mass magnifier augmentation is 9th level or higher, the augment also grants your unarmed strikes a critical effect of your choice from the following list: knockdown, staggered, or wound. You can choose one critical effect from this list each time you critically hit, and you use the biotech’s level as your unarmed strike’s item level for the purpose of calculating the effect’s save DC. If your unarmed strikes have a critical effect from another source, you must choose whether to use this ability or the other critical effect.

Spike Growths

You surgically add bonelike growths to your skeleton in key locations such as your hands, knees, elbows, or knuckles, allowing your unarmed strikes with those areas to precisely focus kinetic energy from your attacks into painful jabs. Whenever you attack with an unarmed strike, you choose whether your attack deals bludgeoning damage, piercing damage, or both (half bludgeoning damage, the rest piercing damage). In addition, if you are climbing a surface with a hardness that is less than your Strength modifier, you count as having adequate handholds as you create handholds with your fists. If you have Improved Unarmed Strike, you gain this bonus if the surface has hardness that is less than your Strength modifier + your total level.

Bioware (Gene Therapies)

Although bioware and biotech share many of the same scientific fields they are implemented with much different strategies. Biotech creates an augmentation by exploiting biological processes to develop technologies and products outside the body for future implantation and integration.

Those products (often protocells, fully grown limbs, or organs) are injected or attached to the host and then programmed by a computer capable of delivering instructions through plasmids. Bioware, which is the focus of this section, relies more on traditional genetic and biomolecular engineering. Bioware reprograms the host’s DNA by employing a retrovirus or adenovirus; provoking a specific mutation or set of mutations. Bioware causes the subject’s body to grow its own enhancements.

Crafting bioware and inducing a mutation requires the services of a professional genetic engineer, or someone with ranks in Life Science, Medicine, and Engineering equal to the level of the bioware and a genetic engineering lab. It takes a gene therapist 1 hour per item level to create enough bioware to successfully induce a mutation. Once its manufactured bioware has 100-year shelf life.

Gene therapy is typically delivered by a series of injections. The injections allow the bioware to spread throughout the host as a controlled infection. Once all the cells in the host are infected the mutation is complete. The time it takes to induce a mutation is dependent on the type of bioware.


Designer retroviruses play a pivotal role in gene therapy. A retrovirus is a single-stranded RNA virus that infects a host cell. Once the virus infects a cell it uses its own reverse transcriptase enzyme to produce DNA from its artificial RNA genome. Essentially, its RNA is a reverse copy of the virus DNA it creates in the host cell. The infected host cell then treats the virus DNA as part of its own genome. An infected cell translates and transcribes the virus genes along with its own and while also producing more copies of the virus. Eventually all actively replicating cells within the host are infected and the mutation is complete.

All the retroviruses presented in this section are designer and you won’t accidentally contract one though a sneeze or intimacy. Changes made by retroviruses to the character’s genome and the mutations they induce are permanent. Recipients of retroviruses do not pass their mutations on to their offspring

Retroviruses work by targeting and replacing very specific sections of the DNA strands. Unfortunately, different retroviruses often overlap in the sections of DNA they are replacing. This is why most subjects cannot handle more than retrovirus. Put simply, retroviruses are incompatible with each other, and characters are limited to one retrovirus unless; the retroviruses description states otherwise, the character elects to take a drawback (see Minor Deformities), or the character takes a feat which allows the character to use more than one retrovirus.

It takes 1 day per level of the retrovirus to completely infect a subject and induce mutation.

DNA Splicing

DNA splicing is a special use case of a retrovirus where one organism’s DNA is cut apart and the DNA from a different organism is slipped into the gaps. DNA splicing allows characteristics of two completely different creatures to be shared. DNA splicing follows the rules for retroviruses in all respects. However, DNA splicing often results in obvious physical changes which are hard to hide. In societies, which are unfamiliar with a specific type of DNA splicing, the subjects are often mistaken for and treated like mutants.

Endogenous Retrovirus

An endogenous retrovirus is almost identical to a designer retrovirus with one exception; the mutation induced by the retrovirus is passed down to its offspring. Some might think this is a good thing but there are some very negative consequences to passing down a modified genome.

If two adults with genomes modified by different endogenous retrovirus have children, the results are almost always tragic. Most die shortly after birth due to genetic defects, but the ones that live are always considered mutants. Their mutations are almost always wildly different from their parents.

Children of parents who received identical endogenous retroviruses always exhibit the mutation of their parents. If one parent has an endogenous retrovirus and the other does not, there is a 50% chance the offspring gains the mutation, and a 50% chance the endogenous retrovirus becomes recessive trait. Generations later parents might unknowingly pass on the same endogenous retrovirus and the child may inherit the same mutation as one of their great great grandparent’s, or a set of incompatible genes resulting in a mutant.

Endogenous retroviruses have been banned in many systems and worlds, because of the chaos it can cause for future generations, however, there are many unscrupulous persons producing black market endogenous retroviruses because they are 10% cheaper to produce than a typical retrovirus. It’s even traditional in some cultures to get gene screened prior to marriage to ensure purity.


A designer adenovirus is a double stranded DNA virus which is able to replicate in the nucleus of vertebrate cells using the host’s own replication machinery. Each type of designer adenovirus was originally based on adenoviruses which cause conjunctivitis, tonsillitis, an ear infection, or croup. The adenovirus was chosen because of its fast onset time and the host’s ability to eradicate the virus from its body systems without the need of an antiviral compound. Thus, adenoviruses are temporary and require repeated infections to continue functioning. The materials for crafting adenoviruses are consequently less costly than those of other bioware.

Unlike naturally occurring adenoviruses, their designer cousins cannot be accidentally spread to others.

Designer adenoviruses are extremely fast acting. It takes 1 round per level of the bioware to produce its intended effect or mutation. After 2d6 hours, the subject reverts back to its original genetic form unless another adenovirus is administered.

Only one adenovirus can be active at a time. If two or more adenoviruses are active in a subject, the subject automatically gains the sickened condition.

Genetic Templates

The potential uses of gene therapy are not limited to single special abilities. GMs can simulate just about any combination modification by creating gene therapy templates. Characters can acquire these templates by purchasing them and undergoing endogenous metamorphosis. See Genetic Templates for additional information.

Although gene therapy templates are created by series of endogenous retroviruses, in this case the induced mutations are considered dominant traits. The offspring of anyone who has undergone endogenous metamorphosis will always inherit the gene therapy template of the highest level. Any other endogenous retroviruses will be superseded and overwritten by this template. If the character happens to have a retrovirus or an endogenous retrovirus before they acquire a gene therapy template these earlier retroviruses will be overwritten and nullified by the “good” genes presented in the newly acquired template.


One of the strangest, and in many cases horrifying, branches of bioware delves into symbiosis between organisms. Symbionts are rather common in the natural world. Symbiosis requires long-term biological interaction between different biologic organisms. Symbiosis between organisms can be defined as mutualistic, commensalistic, or parasitic. In a mutualistic relationship both organisms benefit from their biological interaction. Commensalistic biological interaction allows one of the organisms to live off another without causing harm to it. This is not the case with parasites which benefit from their biological interaction at the other organism’s expense. Although many of the symbionts presented later in this emporium began as parasites, they have been genetically engineered to provide a benefit to their host.

See the Symbionts page for more information on these bioware augmentations.

Table: Gene Therapies

Name Level Price Type Source
Level Varies
Endogenous metamorphosis varies varies Retrovirus SH:GA:BE
Evolution, type I varies varies Retrovirus SH:GA:BE
Evolution, type II varies varies Retrovirus SH:GA:BE
Retrograde retrovirus varies varies Retrovirus SH:GA:BE
Level 1
Cosmetic mutation 1 300 Retrovirus SH:GA:BE
Limited saving throw bonus 1 50 Adenovirus SH:GA:BE
Limited skill bonus 1 65 Adenovirus SH:GA:BE
Saving throw bonus, minor 1 350 Retrovirus SH:GA:BE
Level 2
Angel hair rejuvenation 2 595 DNA splicing SH:GA:BE
Blue-green algae photosynthesis 2 600 DNA splicing SH:GA:BE
Eel’s jolt 2 650 DNA splicing SH:GA:BE
Feline leap 2 735 DNA splicing SH:GA:BE
Increased ability score, minor 2 465 Adenovirus SH:GA:BE
Limited zipper 2 200 Adenovirus SH:GA:BE
Temporary limited telepathy 2 225 Adenovirus SH:GA:BE
Webbed digits 2 500 Retrovirus SH:GA:BE
Level 3
Bat’s echolocation, minor 3 1,265 DNA splicing SH:GA:BE
Bear’s stamina 3 1,250 DNA splicing SH:GA:BE
Fast healing, minor 3 500 Adenovirus SH:GA:BE
Personal upgrade, minor 3 1,400 Retrovirus SH:GA:BE
Skill bonus, minor 3 1,750 Retrovirus SH:GA:BE
Witches’ butter 3 1,125 DNA splicing SH:GA:BE
Level 4
Wolverine’s rage 4 2,495 DNA splicing SH:GA:BE
Zipper 4 2,505 Retrovirus SH:GA:BE
Level 5
Bat’s echolocation 5 3,500 DNA splicing SH:GA:BE
Canine scent 5 3,465 DNA splicing SH:GA:BE
Eagle eyes 5 2,700 DNA splicing SH:GA:BE
Limited telepathy 5 2,950 Retrovirus SH:GA:BE
Rhino hide, minor 5 2,700 DNA splicing SH:GA:BE
Level 6
Fast healing, standard 6 1,000 Adenovirus SH:GA:BE
Increased ability score, standard 6 2,165 Adenovirus SH:GA:BE
Reed frog XXY 6 4,750 Retrovirus SH:GA:BE
Reptile’s blood 6 5,125 DNA splicing SH:GA:BE
Level 7
Bat’s echolocation 7 7,200 DNA splicing SH:GA:BE
Cheetah speed 7 6,950 DNA splicing SH:GA:BE
Eel’s jolt, standard 7 5,550 DNA splicing SH:GA:BE
Personal upgrade, standard 7 6,500 Retrovirus SH:GA:BE
Rhino hide, standard 7 6,250 DNA splicing SH:GA:BE
Saving throw bonus 7 7,250 Retrovirus SH:GA:BE
Whale sonar 7 6,800 DNA splicing SH:GA:BE
Level 8
Fast healing, major 8 2,500 Adenovirus SH:GA:BE
Gecko grip 8 8,650 DNA splicing SH:GA:BE
Mockingbird’s song 8 9,995 DNA splicing SH:GA:BE
Level 9
Fox’s stealth 9 14,300 DNA splicing SH:GA:BE
Rhino hide, major 9 17,000 DNA splicing SH:GA:BE
Telepathy booster, minor 9 16,000 Retrovirus SH:GA:BE
Level 11
Skill bonus, standard 11 25,000 Retrovirus SH:GA:BE
Level 13
Eel’s jolt, major 13 45,550 DNA splicing SH:GA:BE
Increased ability score, major 13 25,000 Adenovirus SH:GA:BE
Telepathy booster, major 13 44,950 Retrovirus SH:GA:BE
Level 14
Personal upgrade, major 14 75,000 Retrovirus SH:GA:BE
Saving throw bonus, major 14 72,500 Retrovirus SH:GA:BE
Starfish regeneration 14 78,000 DNA splicing SH:GA:BE
Level 15
Spider reflexes 15 93,750 DNA splicing SH:GA:BE
Level 18
Skill bonus, major 18 335,000 Retrovirus SH:GA:BE

List of Gene Therapies

Angel Hair Rejuvenation

Therapy Level Price
Standard 2 595

Angel hair is a common edible fungus. With this DNA splice the character gains all the sustenance it requires from contact with moist natural earth, but it must rejuvenate itself as often and for as long as humans need sleep. As long as it is in contact with moist natural earth, the character recovers Hit Points and ability score damage (as well as recovers from poison states) at three times the normal rate. The character can engage in light activity during rejuvenation, but any strenuous activity (like fighting, running, or casting a spell) prevents it from regaining hit points for that day. Complete bed rest doesn’t increase the amount of healing a character gains from rejuvenation.

Bat’s Echolocation

Therapy Level Price
Minor 3 1,265
Standard 5 3,500
Major 7 7,200

By DNA splicing the common brown bat’s DNA with the character’s, they gain the ability to use sound as a means of detecting nearby enemies. A character with this spliced attribute may use blindsense at a range of 20 feet. The minor spliced attribute is limited to 10 feet, while the major bat’s echolocation extends out to a range of 40 feet and grants blindsight with a range of 10 feet.

Bear’s Stamina

Therapy Level Price
Standard 3 1,250

Bears are known for their tough injury resistant hide and with this DNA splice the character’s skin becomes unusually thick and resilient. Any character with this spliced attribute gains +1 Stamina Point per character class level.

Blue-Green Algae Photosynthesis

Therapy Level Price
Standard 2 600

The character’s DNA has been spliced with blue-green algae and they can sustain themselves for long periods of time on sunshine and water. A character with this splice only needs an 8oz serving of water each day and to eat a single day’s rations once a week. This retrovirus is essential on space stations, moons, and worlds where food is scarce but sunlight is plentiful.

Recipients of this gene-splice require at least one hour of solar exposure per day to gain its benefit. Space stations, and starships will often have designated “observation” decks for their employees to sun themselves, but a tanning bed or a UV light will work in a pinch.

Canine Scent

Therapy Level Price
Standard 5 3,465

With this DNA spliced attribute, the character’s sense of smell is enhanced to the point where it rivals that of a bloodhound or German shepherd. The character gains the ability to follow tracks by scent. The character gains a +4 racial bonus to Survival skill checks to follow tracks. The character also gains a +1 racial bonus to Perception checks to avoid being surprised.

Cheetah Speed

Therapy Level Price
Standard 7 6,205

A character with this attribute possesses enhanced flexibility and muscles that allows the subject to propel itself quickly over short distances. The character’s base move speed is increased to 40 feet. In addition, once per hour, a character with this this spliced attribute can move at 10 times its normal speed (500 feet) when it makes a charge or in a straight line as a full-round action.

Cosmetic Mutation

Therapy Level Price
Standard 1 300

This retrovirus permanently changes a character’s appearance. Although it can be used to make a simple change such as turning a character’s hair color from blond to brunette, it's often used for more dramatic effects. See Cosmetic Mutations for a complete list of options.

Eel’s Jolt

Therapy Level Price
Minor 2 650
Standard 7 5,550
Major 13 45,550

Characters with this spliced ability may give off a short electric discharge when coming into physical contact with others. Any character possessing the minor ell’s jolt deals 1d6 points of electrical damage by making a successful attack against the target the target’s EAC. This ability may also be used in conjunction with a combat maneuver, an unarmed strike, or natural attack. Adding the electrical damage is a swift action. This spliced ability gets recharged each time the character meets the conditions to regain Stamina Points. The standard eel’s jolt does 2d6 points of electrical damage and the major version increases the electrical damage to 3d6.

Eagle Eyes

Therapy Level Price
Standard 5 2,700

Eagles have sight that is 4 to 8 times better than an average human’s. With this splice, the character’s sense of sight improves dramatically. The character gains a +2 bonus on all Perception checks and doubles the range on any type of vision their race might possess.

The character must have eyes to take advantage of this splicing ability.

Endogenous Metamorphosis

Therapy Level Price
Varies Varies Varies

Endogenous metamorphosis is one of the most invasive gene therapy procedures. It is not just a chain of injections to induce a single mutation, but a series of carefully planned retroviruses causing multiple mutations. Normally a character is limited to one retrovirus before drawbacks begin to occur. This line of retroviruses was carefully designed to prevent overlapping in areas of critical DNA for each mutation. This allows multiple retroviruses to coexist without penalty.

The gene therapy regiment required for endogenous metamorphosis and the speed of change is so intense the first phase merely puts the character into a medically induced coma and causes their body to produce a cocoon-like structure. When the character emerges from the cocoon days later, they will have gained one of the Gene Therapy Templates. For additional information on gene therapy templates see Genetic Templates.

The level and price is determined by the Genetic Template gained. Although endogenous metamorphosis is the product of several retrovirus applications, the Genetic Template is treated as a single retrovirus in all respects.


Therapy Level Price
Type I Varies Varies
Type II Varies Varies

Evolution is a gene therapy specifically designed to improve the powers and abilities of a symbiont or mutant. When a symbiont or mutant completes the type I treatment they advance to the Evolution I stage in their development.

A symbiont or mutant cannot benefit from a type II treatment unless they have already completed, the type 1 therapy or applied the Evolution feat to a mutation. When the type II treatment is completed the symbiont or mutant gains access to the Evolution II stage of their development.

The item level and the price of evolution gene therapy is determined by the type of symbiont or mutant ability being advanced to its next stage in its development.

Fast Healing

Therapy Level Price
Minor 3 500
Standard 6 1,000
Major 8 2,500

A character under the effect of the standard adenovirus gains fast healing 2. The minor adenovirus grants fast healing 1 while the major adenovirus grants the character fast healing 3.

Feline Leap

Therapy Level Price
Standard 2 735

A character with this spliced attribute may bend their spine like a jaguar and add spring to any leap, or reduce the impact from any fall. By making any Athletics (Jump) check as part of a move action, the character gains a +4 racial bonus on that Jump check. If the character is falling, they can make an Acrobatics check (DC 15) as a reaction to land on their feet and reduce the fall damage by 10 feet.

Fox’s Stealth

Therapy Level Price
Standard 9 14,300

Any character possessing this DNA splice gains the ability to move as silently as a fox on winter snow. The character gains a +3 racial bonus to all Stealth checks.

Gecko Grip

Therapy Level Price
Standard 8 8,650

Character’s possessing this spliced ability possess a micro-texture on their hands and feet that grants them extraordinary grip on even the smoothest of surfaces. As long as the character’s hands and feet are uncovered this spliced attribute provides a +6 racial bonus to all Athletics (climb) checks and an additional +4 racial bonus to their KAC to avoid disarm attempts.

Increased Ability Score

Therapy Level Price Ability
Minor 2 465 +2
Standard 6 2,165 +4
Major 13 25,000 +6

The adenovirus infects the character’s cells, altering their genetic structure, while inducing massive physical or mental changes. Any ability score can gain an enhancement bonus of 2, 4, or 6 points according to the type of adenovirus used. These ability score increases are temporary and do not count as personal upgrades.

Limited Saving Throw Bonus

Therapy Level Price
Standard 1 50

A character under the effects of this adenovirus gains a +2 racial bonus to a single type of saving throw (Fortitude, Reflex, or Will).

Limited Skill Bonus

Therapy Level Price
Standard 1 65

A character under the effects of this adenovirus gains a +2 racial bonus to a single skill.

Limited Telepathy

Therapy Level Price
Standard 5 2,950

A character enhanced by this retrovirus gains the racial ability limited telepathy allowing them to communicate telepathically with any creatures within 30 feet with whom they share a language. Conversing telepathically with multiple creatures simultaneously is just as difficult as listening to multiple people speak. This is a super natural psionic ability.

Limited Zipper

Therapy Level Price
Standard 2 200

This adenovirus causes the character’s blood to infuse with extra platelets and coagulation proteins. While the infection lasts, the character is immune to bleed damage.

Mockingbird’s Song

Therapy Level Price
Standard 8 9,995

A character with this spliced attribute has an enhanced voice box that can mimic the sounds created by other creatures, including hard to pronounce languages. The character gains a +4 racial bonus on all Bluff checks made while mimicking sounds or voices.

Personal Upgrades

Therapy Level Price Ability
Minor 3 1,400 +2
Standard 7 6,500 +4
Major 14 75,000 +6

The retrovirus infects the host cells, alters the genetic structure, and influences massive physical and mental changes in the infected character. Retrovirus personal upgrades use the Personal Upgrade rules and do not count against the total number of retroviruses a character can have, or cause a drawback. For additional information on personal upgrades, see the "Augmentations" section in Chapter 7 of the Starfinder Core Rulebook.

Reed Frog XXY

Therapy Level Price
Standard 6 4,750

Reed Frog XXY is a retrovirus that changes the character’s sex. It produces a chemical trigger that activates the sex gene to disintegrate the female organs and develop the male ones or disintegrate male organs and develop female ones. Recipients of this gene therapy are able to reproduce normally. This retrovirus does not require a Resolve point and can be combined with other retroviruses without causing a Drawback.

Reptile’s Blood

Therapy Level Price
Standard 6 5,125

The character may cool their blood at will, allowing them to bypass heat-sensing equipment and creatures with ease. A character with this special ability may not be detected by the heat given off by his body, either electronically or through means that rely on body heat. The character gains a +10 circumstance bonus on Stealth skill checks against creatures and systems which rely on heat detection.

Retrograde Retrovirus

Therapy Level Price
Standard Varies Varies

This retrovirus simply reverses the effects of a previous gene therapy retrovirus (including DNA splicing or a genetic template), returning the character to their original genetic state. Reversing the effects of gene therapy is incredibly difficult since the original DNA of the host must be reconstructed and reinserted to replace the DNA introduced during gene therapy. The price and level of the retrograde retrovirus are equivalent to the cost and level of the retrovirus originally used to induce the mutation. The retrograde retrovirus can be used to target a single retrovirus or remove all retroviruses the character possesses. When used in the latter case they must only pay for the highest bioware item level being removed.

Rhino Hide

Therapy Level Price
Minor 5 2,700
Standard 7 6,250
Major 9 17,000

This character’s skin becomes thick and leathery, providing protection against many more damaging attacks. The hero with this standard spliced attribute gains DR 2/—. The minor spliced attribute provides DR 1/—, while the major spliced attribute grants the character DR 3/—. This damage reduction does not stack with other items, abilities, or augmentations that grant damage reduction.

Saving Throw Bonus

Therapy Level Price Bonus
Minor 1 300 +1
Standard 7 7,250 +2
Major 14 72,500 +3

A character who completes gene therapy with this retrovirus, gains a racial bonus to a single saving throw (Fortitude, Reflex, or Will). The increase to the saving throw is determined by the type of therapy used.

Skill Bonus

Therapy Level Price Bonus
Minor 3 1,750 +1
Standard 11 25,000 +3
Major 18 335,000 +5

A character who completes gene therapy with this retrovirus gains a racial bonus to a single Skill. The increase to the Skill is determined by the type of therapy used.

Spider Reflexes

Therapy Level Price
Standard 15 93,750

A character with this spliced attribute gains the preternatural ability to react to danger before it strikes. On any surprise round where this character would normally not be able to act, the character may spend 1 Resolve point to act during the surprise round.

Starfish Regeneration

Therapy Level Price
Standard 14 78,000

A character with this spliced ability can regenerate lost limbs at a slow pace. Any time this hero loses an arm, leg, other appendage, or a critical that would require surgery, it regenerates slowly over the course of 3d6 days. The character also heals Hit Point damage at double the normal rate with rest.

Telepathy Booster

Therapy Level Price
Minor 9 16,000
Major 13 44,950

This retrovirus can be used on any creature or character who already possesses the limited telepathy racial ability even if they gained the ability from a retrovirus or DNAsplice without penalty.

Temporary Limited Telepathy

Therapy Level Price
Standard 2 225

A character under the effects of this adenovirus can communicate telepathically with any creatures within 30 feet with whom they share a language. Conversing telepathically with multiple creatures simultaneously is just as difficult as listening to multiple people speak.

Webbed Digits

Model Level Price
Standard 2 500

A character enhanced by this retrovirus gains webbed fingers and toes allowing them to pass through the water with grace and agility. This retrovirus grants the character a swim speed of 30 ft.

Whale Sonar

Therapy Level Price
Standard 7 6,800

The character gains sonar similar to a dolphin or whale depending on the source of the spliced DNA. This splice allows the character to determine the location of other creatures and objects while underwater. The character gains Blindsight up to a range of 200 feet while underwater.

Witches' Butter

Therapy Level Price
Standard 3 1,125

An unusual but effective RNA splice from a jelly fungus, improves a character’s resistance to radiation. When a character is exposed to radiation the severity is considered one level lower when determining the DC to avoid radiation sickness.

Wolverine’s Rage

Therapy Level Price
Standard 4 2,495

A character with wolverine’s rage that takes damage in combat flies into an uncontrolled rage on their next turn. They fight wildly until either the character or their opponent is dead. The character gains +4 to Strength, +4 to Constitution, and –2 to their KAC while raged. The character can only end their rage voluntarily by spending 1 Resolve point.


Therapy Level Price
Standard 4 2,505

When a character completes gene therapy with this retrovirus their blood is infused with extra platelets and coagulation proteins. The zipper retrovirus makes a character permanently immune to bleed damage.

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