This page contains new equipment that characters can use.


The weapons page covers weapons that characters can use to attack their enemies with.

See Also: Weapon Fusions


Armor covers defensive items, including actual armor, shields, and other protective devices.

See Also: Armor Upgrades


Augmentations cover special enhancements to a character's body using one or more varieties of futuristic tech.

Includes: Bioware Augmentations, Cybernetic Augmentations, Nanotech Augmentations


Nanocolonies are capable of surviving outside of normal environments and don't really fit into any other category of nanotech.


Nanomedicine is used in controlled environments to provide a variety of health-related benefits.


Nanoviruses are temporary, nanomachine-based effects that can be triggered in a variety of ways.

Other Equipment

Other equipment holds all equipment that doesn't fall into another category, such as miscellaneous tools and gear.

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