Extreme Mutations

Some mutations are simply too power for player characters to obtain, because their effects are too disruptive. The mutations presented here are intended as tools for GMs and are not intended for use by players.

Both mutating touch and unraveling touch should only be used with the True Mutant template and then only on a boss NPC or creature. Mutating touch presents excellent opportunity a GM to introduce mutants or the mutant rules to their campaign, while unraveling touch presents an extreme danger to any mutant. Before introducing a mutant with one of these mutations against a party of player characters the players should know the basics of what they are up against. Rumors would spread quickly about a mutant capable of turning others into mutants or a mutant so powerful it can cleanse mutant genes from others.

Mutating Touch (Su)

Gene Pool -10 | Disguise DC Modifier +0

This mutant can deliver an enormous dose of radiation with a touch, triggering sudden mutations and pain in living creatures. With a successful attack against a living creature’s KAC, the mutant causes the target to sprout tumors that erupt at the beginning of its next turn, causing a random deformity and mutation, or a deformity and mutation of GM’s choice, or with GM’s permission a mutation of the player’s choice. The GM can also force the player to select a mutant template at this time. An affected creature can negate this transformation with a successful Fortitude saving throw (DC = 11 + mutant’s CR). If a creature fails this save it gains the deformities and mutations as specified. The mutations can still be treated and reversed by a retrograde retrovirus in the first 24 hours. Once 24 hours has passed the mutations become permanent.

For additional information on retrograde retroviruses, see Bioware Augmentations. To determine the price of the retrograde retrovirus the GM should use the creatures CR as the required item level and estimate the price by comparing a retrograde virus of equal level.

Once a creature has been affected by mutating touch, it becomes immune to additional mutating touch attacks for 24 hours. Any creature already possessing a mutant template is immune to mutating touch.

Unraveling Touch (Su)

Gene Pool -10 | Disguise DC Modifier +0

The genome of this mutant unravels the genetics responsible for beneficial mutations, deformities, and retroviruses. Its virulent genome can be transferred to a subject through body fluids or injury. Once the subject has been exposed to the mutant’s unravelling touch they must make a Fortitude save (DC = 10 + creature’s CR), or lose a random mutation, deformity, or retrovirus. Once per day the subject makes a new saving throw with a -1 penalty per failed save or loses an additional mutation, deformity, or retrovirus. The subject continues to lose abilities until they make a saving throw or they run out of mutations, deformities, or retroviruses to lose. A mutant with no mutant abilities or deformities loses their mutant template or graft.

Once a creature has been affected by unraveling touch, it becomes immune to additional unraveling touch attacks for 24 hours.

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