Mutant Characters

At first glance, building a mutant character or NPC might seem overwhelming, but it can be broken down into a few basic steps. Before you begin creating your mutant you should create a mutant concept and determine what type of beneficial mutations you are interested in. Knowing which beneficial mutations you are interested in will assist you in selecting your deformities to build the proper sized Gene Pool.

Building a Mutant Character

1. Choose one of the mutant PC templates. Each template requires a minimum number of deformities to build its Gene Pool.

2. Determine your Gene Pool bonus. These bonus points are gained from racial abilities, archetypes, feats, and bioware. There may be other sources introduced in future publication or by your GM.

3. Select your deformities according to your mutant template. Every deformity has a Gene Pool value indicated by a number surrounded by brackets [x]. Record each deformity and its Gene Pool value. See Minor Deformities for your options.

4. Sum the total points gained from your Deformities with your bonus points to determine the total value of your Gene Pool.

5. Select your beneficial mutations by spending points in your Gene Pool.

Sample Mutants

Sample - Firestarter

Minor Mutant Gene Pool: 0
Bonus 0
1. Poor Ability Score (strength) +4
Beneficial Mutation
1. Firestarter -4

Sample - Winter Bird

Major Mutant Gene Pool: 0
Bonus 0
1. Albinism +2
2. Nightmares +4
Beneficial Mutation
1. Wings -2
2. Energy Ray (cold) -4

Sample – Crabman

True Mutant Gene Pool: 1
Bonus 0
1. Hideous Visage +3
2. Uncontrolled Rage +4
3. Vulnerable Mind +3
Beneficial Mutation
1. Natural Armor -3
2. Mega Claw -3
3. Second Wind -2
4. Exceptional Lungs -1

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