Nanotech Augmentations

Nanotech augmentations (“nanoaugmentors”) follow most of the cybernetic augmentation rules found in The Starfinder Roleplaying Game. Nanotech augmentations latch onto a specific biological system and provide consistent bonuses as long as the nanites remain active.

Most nanoaugmentors are injected into a character or creature to permanently enhance performance and continue to function indefinitely. Nanoaugmentors are only removed by other nanites or by commanding the nanoaugmentors to end their program. When this occurs, nanoaugmentors are absorbed and recycled by the host body.

Unlike other augmentations, nanoaugmentors can share body systems with cybernetic or biotech augmentations. However, you are limited to one active nanoaugmentor at a time and can only have one nanoaugmentor per body system. Nanoaugmentors can be activated or deactivated as a move action.

Injecting a nanoaugmentor does not require a skill check. Each nanoaugmentor takes one minute per level to become fully integrated into the host when it’s first injected. Nanoaugmentors are the most expensive type of augmentation but make up for their expense with ease of use.

Crafting new nanoaugmentations requires a character to have an Engineering skill equal to the nanoaugmentors’ level and an engineering lab. Although crafting nanoaugmentors doesn’t save you any credits, creating your own might be the only way to obtain them in regions where nanotechnology is unavailable. It takes one hour per level of the nanoaugmentors to manufacture a nanoaugmentor.

Table: Nanotech Augmentations

Name Level Price System Source
Level 1
Focus overload 1 450 Brain SH:GA:NE
Watchdog 1 400 Spine SH:GA:NE
Level 3
Darkvision 3 1,950 Eyes SH:GA:NE
Personal upgrades, minor 3 1,400 N/A SH:GA:NE
Prophecy 3 1,680 Brain SH:GA:NE
Proprioception 3 1,675 Brain and Spine SH:GA:NE
Psionic dampener 3 1,675 Brain SH:GA:NE
Level 5
Chatter 5 3,125 Brain SH:GA:NE
Twenty/Twenty, standard 5 2,985 Eyes SH:GA:NE
Level 6
Environ-x, standard 6 4,800 Skin SH:GA:NE
Nociception, standard 6 3,955 Skin SH:GA:NE
Level 7
Personal upgrades, standard 7 6,500 N/A SH:GA:NE
Twenty/Twenty, darkvision 7 6,915 Eyes SH:GA:NE
Level 8
Acoustic wayfinder, standard 8 10,740 Ears SH:GA:NE
Focus regulator 8 14,400 Brain SH:GA:NE
Level 9
Cyber psychosis dampener, standard 9 20,000 Brain SH:GA:NE
Level 10
Perfect memory 10 22,200 Brain SH:GA:NE
Soullink 10 22,000 Brain SH:GA:NE
Level 11
Nociception, advanced 11 24,955 Skin SH:GA:NE
Level 12
Environ-x, advanced 12 57,600 Skin SH:GA:NE
Level 13
Acoustic wayfinder, advanced 13 58,800 Ears SH:GA:NE
Biofountain 13 60,000 All SH:GA:NE
Level 14
Personal upgrades, major 14 75,000 N/A SH:GA:NE
Level 15
Nociception, superior 15 122,000 Skin SH:GA:NE
Level 17
Cyber psychosis dampener, advanced 17 288,000 Brain SH:GA:NE
Level 18
Doppelganger 18 360,300 Skin and Eyes SH:GA:NE
Environ-x, superior 18 359,950 Skin SH:GA:NE

List of Nanotech Augmentations

Acoustic Wayfinder

Model Level Price
Standard 8 10,740
Advanced 13 58,800

This nanoaugmentor allows the character to navigate and react to their environment using audio feedback rather than visual ques in a method similar to echolocation. Standard acoustic wayfinder nanites grant you the blindsense special ability with a range of 30 feet. Characters injected with advanced acoustic wayfinder nanites gain blindsight with a 30 foot range. The blindsense and blind sight ranges double underwater, but don’t work at all if the character is in a vacuum. For additional information on blindsense and blindsight, see the "Senses" section in Chapter 8 of the Starfinder Core Rulebook.


Model Level Price
Standard 13 60,000

This is a nanoaugmentor for those who want to live forever, and is frequently injected into the rich and famous, biofountain virtually eliminates disease and is solely responsible for doubling the life expectancy of its recipient. Any recipient of this nanoaugmentor becomes immune to disease and gains Fast Healing 1 as long as the nanoaugmentor is active in all body systems.


Model Level Price
Standard 5 3,125

Chatter is a useful nanoaugmentor colony frequently injected into soldiers on covert missions. It allows communication without speech. In many ways, chatter resembles the technology of the internal communicator. However, unlike the internal communicator, the nanites in a chatter nanoaugmentors attach directly to the speech and language centers of the brain. When you wish to communicate via your chatter nanites, you need only to think of what you would say and the nanoaugmentors transmit those thoughts over a communications channel. When other nanites receive the communication, they transmit the information directly into your brain.

Each set of chatter nanites is keyed to only communicate with other chatter colonies sharing the same encryption key. Individuals without the chatter nanites can communicate and receive communications from those with the chatter nanoaugmentors through a computer system or communicator properly keyed into the same encrypted communications channels.

When you are injected with the chatter nanoaugmentors, you must spend 30 minutes practicing so that ambient thoughts do not interfere with the communications.

Cyber Psychosis Dampener

Model Level Price
Standard 9 20,000
Advanced 17 288,000

The cyber psychosis dampener is a nanoaugmentor designed to combat the increasing number of cyber psychosis cases due to the prevalence of hedge cybernetic surgeons on the fringes of known space. These nanites reduce the effects of cyber psychosis to 1 round when triggered by a failed ability check, skill check, saving throw, or attack roll. The advanced cyber psychosis dampener allows a character to spend 1 Resolve Point as a reaction to remove the cyber psychosis effect. For additional information on Cyber Psychosis, see the Cybernetic Augmentations page.


Model Level Price
Standard 3 1,950

One of many useful nanoaugmentors, you gain the ability to see 60 feet in total darkness. Darkvision is black and white only but otherwise like normal sight. Darkvsion can be turned on or off as a swift action.


Model Level Price
Standard 18 360,300

Devious nanoaugmentors popular with criminals, the doppelganger nanites act as a dynamic plastic surgery system. They alter the physical appearance of their host. The nanoaugmentors can change the hair and eye color of a character instantly and, if desired, can reconfigure the bone structure and actual facial appearance of a character in ten minutes.

Reconfiguring the bone structure and facial features of a hero are excruciatingly painful. Most doppelganger colonies release anesthetics before and during the process to eliminate or reduce some of the pain. A doppelganger colony can change the hero’s features any number of times, though each time requires 30 minutes of transformation time and another 30 minutes of recovery time. A character that has doppelganger nanoaugmentors transform their physical features gains the nauseated condition for the first 30 minutes and sickened condition during the recovery period.

Once the transformation is complete you gain a +10 on Disguise skill checks to impersonate the subject of your transformation. You must have seen and observed your subject at least once for at least 5 minutes.


Model Level Price
Standard 6 4,800
Advanced 12 57,600
Superior 18 359,950

One of the “second skin” nanoaugmentors, environ-x creates a network of nanolattices producing an environmental field (a minor force field specially attuned to pressure and temperature that does not reduce damage from attacks). The recipient does not have to make a Fortitude save to avoid environmental damage from cold and heat. Further, the recipient of advanced environ-x gains fire resistance 5 and cold resistance 5. Superior environ-x increases the cold and heat resistance to 10.

Focus Overload

Model Level Price
Standard 1 475

Focus overload nanoaugmentors allow you to memorize a long string of numbers, a long passage of verse, or some other particularly difficult piece of information including symbols, ancient languages you don’t speak, and exotic scripts. Each round you can memorize a single page of text (up to 800 words), numbers, diagrams, or sigils (even if you don’t recognize their meaning). If a document is longer than one page, you can take as many rounds as necessary. If you are interrupted, you can pick up where you left off. You retain this information as long as the focus overload nanoaugmentors are active.

It takes 1 round to retrieve information stored with focus overload nanoaugmentors. However, each time you use this ability to memorize or retrieve information you gain the staggered condition for a minimum of 1 round during the memorization or retrieval process.

Focus Regulator

Model Level Price
Standard 8 14,400

After the focus regulator injection nanites travel directly to the recipient’s frontal lobes, temporal grey matter, caudate nucleus, and cerebellum. This regulator has much of the same effect as drugs used to treat Attention Deficit Disorder and improves concentration, impulse control, inhibition, and motor activity. The focus regulator nanocolony provides a +1 circumstance bonus to all skill checks, and a +2 circumstance bonus to Will saves. However, use of focus regulators inhibits emotions and the recipient receives a –2 penalty to Charisma.


Model Level Price DR
Standard 6 3,955 2/-
Advanced 11 24,955 4/-
Superior 15 122,000 6/-

After injection, nociception nanoaugmentors travel to the character’s skin where they attach themselves to the character’s nervous system and block their pain receptors. Nociception nanites allow the character to withstand unnatural levels of pain. When active, these nanites grant the character different grades damage reduction against Stamina damage based on the model of the nociception nanites. The damage reduction ends when the character’s Stamina Points are reduced to 0 and they begin taking Hit Point damage.

Perfect Memory

Model Level Price
Standard 10 22,200

Perfect memory is a blessing and a curse. The perfect memory nanoaugmentors train your brain through microshock therapy. You gain a +4 circumstance bonus to all Intelligence skill checks, but if you fail an Intelligence skill check roll you gain the dazed condition until your next action.

Personal Upgrades

Therapy Level Price Ability
Minor 3 1,400 +2
Standard 7 6,500 +4
Major 14 75,000 +6

The nanoaugmentors attach themselves to the host’s cells augmenting the natural abilities of a specific cell type. These nanites produce massive physical or mental changes in the character. These upgrades use the Personal Upgrade rules presented in the Starfinder Core Rulebook, under the Augmentations section under Equipment.


Model Level Price
Standard 3 1,680

Another one of the brain-altering nanoaugmentations, prophecy allows the character to receive visual and audio data from a remote source. Prophecy nanoaugmentors link to a computer system that receives images and video from multiple sources and funnels the information directly to the nanocolony. A character can be fed images from other locations, giving them access to everything from security camera locations to computer representations of terrain. Like chatter, prophecy is often used on soldiers in the field to transmit dynamic battlefield representations directly into a soldier’s mind. Additionally, prophecy is used to give mission briefings on the fly. However, prophecy nanites cannot record or transmit data, and only act as receivers of information from the remote computer system. It takes 2d6 rounds to tune prophecy into a wireless channel.


Model Level Price
Standard 3 1,675

Any character injected with the proprioception obtains a heightened sense of awareness, the effort being employed in their movement, and the relative positions of their own body part’s. Receptors in the character’s nervous system even gain some information about the body’s position before the position is obtained. Proprioception nanoaugmentors grant the character a +1 insight bonus to all Dexterity based skill checks.

Psionic Dampener

Model Level Price
Standard 3 1,675

A psionic dampener is an inhibitor that characters can find beneficial or harmful. Originally, psionic dampeners were designed to suppress a person’s inherent psionic ability and help quite the intrusive thoughts of those around you. This often happens to newly awakened minds. A psionic dampener suppresses all of a character’s psionic/phrenic abilities when active, making it impossible to use any psionic powers. A non-psionic character may choose this nanoaugmentor because it also provides the character with a +4 enhancement bonus to all saves made to resist the effects of mind effecting spells and powers. It’s a swift action to activate or deactivate these nanites. These nanites are not flushed from the body when inactive they simply lay dormant.


Model Level Price
Standard 10 22,000

Pilots and drivers that want greater interaction with their vehicles frequently seek out soullink injections. The soullink nanites connect the mind of a character directly to the vehicle, starship, or mecha the character is currently piloting. The mind of the pilot directly links to the vessel, melding his consciousness with it. The pilot maneuvers the vessel as though it were an extension of his body. In combat, this nanoaugmentation allows the pilot to know when and where the vessel sustains damage; he also knows the severity of the damage without requiring an Engineering skill check.

An unfortunate drawback to this link between pilot and machine is that if the vessel’s onboard computer system suffers trauma, such as when it takes damage, the pilot’s mind often suffers damage as well. Whenever a soullinked vessel suffers damage to its computer systems, the soullinked pilot must make a Will save (DC 20) or suffer an immediate 1d4 points of ability damage to his Wisdom score.

A character with this nanoaugmentation gains a +6 bonus on Pilot skill checks while piloting a soullinked vessel. This nanoaugmentation works with only those vessels that support soullink technology.


Model Level Price
Standard 5 2,985
Darkvision 7 6,915

One nanoaugmentation that can be incredibly useful for scouts and investigators is the twenty/twenty nanocolony. By attaching to and enhancing sensitivity of a creature’s optic nerves, the 20/20 nanites improve the creature’s vision. One of the most common consumer nanotech injections, 20/20 corrects eye problems such as nearsightedness or astigmatism. A creature injected with 20/20 nanites immediately gains a +2 enhancement bonus to all vision-based Perception checks.

Darkvision 20/20 includes the ability to see 60 feet in total darkness, but in black and white. Activating darkvision is a swift action.


Model Level Price
Standard 1 400

Often used in medical situations as well as in space exploration, the watchdog nanoaugmentation is a catchall phrase used to describe nanocolonies that monitor the health condition of a creature. Watchdog nanites monitor everything from heart rate and blood pressure to brain activity and the purity of air being taken into a host’s lungs. Hospitals and other medical facilities often inject their patients with watchdog nanocolonies to monitor vital signs and watch for early warning signs of illness relapses or other medical problems. Additionally, organizations involved in space exploration often use the nanoaugmentation to monitor the vital signs of their explorers in remote regions of space. Watchdog nanocolonies can be linked to computer systems to monitor and report data automatically. However, a watchdog nanocolony cannot take action to heal or prevent damage to a host in the event of a problem with the host body’s physiology. It takes 2d6 round to tune watchdog into a wireless channel.

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