Nanotech Feats

Nanotech Engineer

You have extensive knowledge of nanotechnology and are more skilled at creating nanotech than other engineers.

Prerequisites: Engineering 5 ranks

Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus on all skill checks dealing with nanotech and you treat your class level as +1 higher for creating nanotechnology augmentations.


You are able to ward off malware nanocolonies or nanoweapons and force your body to expel the offending nanite.

Prerequisite: Nanotaker.

Benefit: You gain a +4 on any saving throw to ward off the effects of nanotech. If the save is successful, the malware nanotech fails to activate and is flushed from your system by normal biological means.


You can have more than one active nanoaugmentor.

Prerequisites: Nanotaker

Benefit: Your body has become accustomed to nanite colonies surging through your body. You can have two active nanoaugmentors active at once, but each one must to be located in a different body system.

Nanophile, Improved

You are a hotbed of nanotech activity and can host additional active nanoaugmentors.

Prerequisites: Nanotaker, Nanophile

Benefit: You can have three nanoaugmentors active at once, but are still limited to one nanoaugmentor per body system.


You are keenly aware of the presence of nanotech. You can identify any nanotech residing inside and outside of your body.

Benefit: You can recognize the presence of nanocolonies both within your own body and within the vicinity. You can automatically determine what nanocolonies are within your body at any given time as a swift action. In addition, you gain a +4 to any Engineering skill check to identify nearby nanotech.

Normal: An engineering skill check (DC 15 + nanotech’s level) is required as a full action to identify a nanoaugmentor, nanovirus, nano-armor, nano-weapons, or nanocolony within 5 feet.

Nanotech Exemplar

Your ability to absorb nanotech is limitless.

Prerequisites: Improved nanophile, improved nanovirus marshal, nanophile, nanotaker, nanovirus marshal.

Benefit: Your ability to control nanoaugmentors is only limited by the number of body systems. In addition, you also have no restriction on the number of inactive or active nanoviruses in your body and are no longer at risk of receiving the nauseated effect.

Nanotech Suspension

You can end the program all nanoaugmentors without flushing them from your system allowing you to pass through nanotech detectors without setting off an alarm.

Prerequisites: Nanophile, Nanotaker

Benefit: You can end program and suspend all your nanoaugmentors for up to 10 minutes per character level without having them reabsorbed and flushed out of your system.

Nanovirus Marshal

Your body can deal with more than one nanovirus before suffering negative effects.

Prerequisites: Nanotaker

Benefit: You can have two active nanovirus colonies before you are required to make a Fortitude save to avoid gaining the nauseated condition.

Nanovirus Marshal, Improved

Your body is especially tuned to nanoviruses and can take advantage of multiple nanoviruses at once.

Prerequisites: Nanotaker, Nanovirus Marshal

Benefit: You can have three active nanoviruses before you are required to make a Fortitude save to avoid gaining the nauseated condition.

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