A nanovirus is a group of nanites acting like a virus to enhance or alter a specific body function. They move through the body and alter boost the efficiency of cells they are programmed to affect. Unlike nanoaugmentors, a nanovirus is fast-acting, taking only a single round to activate. However, the effects of a nanovirus are temporary. You can only have one active nanovirus at a time unless otherwise noted. If you are exposed to two or more active nanoviruses you must make a Fortitude save (DC = 10 + the sum of active nanoviruses’ levels), or gain the nauseated condition for as long as you have more than one active nanovirus, plus 1d6 rounds.

There are designer nanoviruses that lay dormant after injection. These designer nanoviruses are triggered by a circumstance or as a conscious action by the recipient. A designer nanovirus can survive for up to a year after injection before it is destroyed by the body’s natural defense mechanisms. You are limited to one dormant designer nanovirus at a time. Injecting more than one dormant designer nanovirus simply causes the previously one to get flushed from your system.

Each nanovirus has a specific delivery mechanism like a pharmaceutical, most can be injected, some are ingested, and a few are even delivered by suppository.

Table: Nanoviruses

Name Level Price Delivery Source
Nano-hunter, standard 1 80 Injection SH:GA:NE
Level 2
Calcion 2 165 Injection SH:GA:NE
Photon refractors, limited 2 170 Injection SH:GA:NE
Level 3
Hydro-lung 3 355 Injection SH:GA:NE
Leukonytes 3 375 Injection SH:GA:NE
Linguist 3 345 Injection SH:GA:NE
Level 4
Neuron boost 4 500 Injection SH:GA:NE
Panacea, standard 4 450 Injection SH:GA:NE
Level 5
Adaptive organ replacement, standard 5 800 Injection SH:GA:NE
Micro-muscles 5 755 Injection SH:GA:NE
Overdrive 5 750 Injection SH:GA:NE
Photon refractors, standard 5 750 Injection SH:GA:NE
Poly-vi, standard 5 1,000 Injection SH:GA:NE
Speedstitch, standard 5 720 Injection SH:GA:NE
Level 6
Nano-hunter, advanced 6 2,000 Injection SH:GA:NE
Level 7
Adaptive organ replacement, designer 7 1,750 Injection SH:GA:NE
Brain boost 7 1,750 Injection SH:GA:NE
Speedstitch, designer 7 1,720 Injection SH:GA:NE
Level 8
Photon refractors, advanced 8 2,770 Injection SH:GA:NE
Sixth sense 8 2,550 Injection SH:GA:NE
Level 10
Poly-vi, advanced 10 7,000 Injection SH:GA:NE
Level 11
Breach, designer 11 6,250 Injection SH:GA:NE
Nano-hunter, superior 11 12,500 Injection SH:GA:NE
Panacea, advanced 11 6,400 Injection SH:GA:NE
Level 13
Regenous-N 13 12,500 Injection SH:GA:NE
Level 14
Aegis, standard 14 25,500 Injection SH:GA:NE
Level 15
Poly-vi, superior 15 40,000 Injection SH:GA:NE
Level 16
Aegis, designer 16 39,950 Injection SH:GA:NE
Nano-hunter, ultra 16 87,500 Injection SH:GA:NE
Level 20
Poly-vi, ultra 20 333,335 Injection SH:GA:NE

List of Nanoviruses

Adaptive Organ Replacement

Model Level Price
Standard 5 800
Designer 7 1,750

Necessity is often said to be the mother of innovation. The adaptive organ replacement nanovirus was engineered to treat grievous wounds on the battlefield in situations where time is of the essence and proper medical facilities might not be available.

One of the most interesting and useful developments in the field of biotech is the concept of adaptive organ replacement. Often used on battlefields and in situations where time is of the essence. Adaptive organ replacement provides a quick and versatile solution to cloned organs and limbs. Adaptive organs are actually formless blobs of organic matter (“organiform”) infused with nanocolonies and a variety of chemicals. This mix serves as a stopgap measure to keep a subject alive until they can be given a sufficiently cloned organ or cybernetic replacement. The formless organic matter is injected or otherwise inserted into an injured creature or character.

Adaptive organ replacement will keep a damaged organ functioning for up to 48 hours. Advanced adaptive organ replacement can prolong an organ’s function for up to two weeks. These nanites cannot be applied to the same organ more than once and if the organ isn’t repaired or replaced within limited timeframe the character will suffer the appropriate effects based on the organ. (i.e. If it’s an eye the character loses sight, if it’s a heart the character automatically suffers massive damage and dies.)


Model Level Price
Standard 14 25,500
Designer 16 39,950

The aegis nanovirus is frequently used by spies and other individuals trying to enter places inconspicuously and who want to boost their defenses when the “poop” hits the fan. It forms a carbon lattice just beneath the skin protecting the recipient from kinetic and energy weapons.

You gain DR 5/- against kinetic damage including bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage. You also gain energy resistance 5 against a single energy type. You must choose the energy type (acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic damage) when the aegis nanovirus is activated. You may force the nanites to change the type of energy resistance as a move action on your turn as many times as you choose as long as the nanovirus is active. The aegis nanovirus last for 2d6 minutes before expending its energy and getting flushed from the recipient’s body systems.

Brain Boost

Model Level Price
Standard 7 1,750

Brain boost is a nanoaugmenter that gives the brain increased memory capacity frequently used by scientists, researchers, and mathematicians. The nanites in brain boost latch onto the memory and thought centers of the brain and transmit data back and forth between these centers at an incredible rate. Each nanite can store large amounts of data and acts as a temporary memory storage center. Brain boost nanites also move back and forth between various memory centers, copying and moving information in the most efficient manner possible. Your thought and memory abilities are increased greatly. Any character injected with brain boost gains a +4 enhancement bonus to Intelligence. This bonus remains in effect for up to 4 hours as long as the nanoaugmenters remain attached to the brain.


Model Level Price
Designer 11 6,250

Of all the nanoviruses, breach is the most exotic and one of the most dangerous to use. Each breach nanovirus fits on the head of a pin. When breach is injected it replicates itself until ever cell in the recipient’s body has a breach nanovirus incorporated within it. It takes 1 minute for the nanovirus to spread throughout the body and the recipient normally gets a strong metallic taste in their mouth during this process. Breach goes dormant after this process and can remain so for up to a year.

When breach is activated, it changes the harmonic quantum frequency of the recipient’s body and equipment putting them slightly out of phase with their surroundings. This allows the recipient to pass through metal, plaster, plastic, stone, or wood by allowing the recipient to pass through the space between the atoms. It does not allow the recipient to pass through force fields or star metals. While out of phase, the recipient is considered incorporeal with all its benefits and drawbacks.

Once breach is activated it can be used up to 5 times over the course of the next hour before it expires. Each time breach is used the recipient is only out of phase a brief instant (only long enough to take a single action). Breach is activated as a swift action which allows the recipient to immediately use a single move action to pass through a wall or barrier. While out of phase you can travel as far as you can move.

If you come back into phase while in an object it almost always results in death as your atoms are intertwined with those of the surrounding materials. If you are within 5 feet of an opening, you are entitled to a Reflex save (DC 25) to safely make it out of the solid object. If you fail by 5 or less you are stuck in the surface of the solid object (use the Table: Wounding Weapons in the Starfinder Role Playing Game Core Rulebook to determine the effect and damage). If you fail by 6 or more you die an instant death by having your atoms merged with those of the solid object. If you succeed the reflex save you narrowly escape death.


Model Level Price
Standard 2 165

The calcion nanovirus is one of the most beneficial and commonly used nanocolonies in the field of medicine. Calcion is a bone-knitting nanite that repairs fractures and breaks in bones with advanced calcium-grafting technology.

Additionally, calcion repairs joints and aids with skin regeneration. A character injected with calcion heals Hit Point damage at twice their normal natural rate until she reaches full hit points or 24 hours has passed. After your health is fully restored, the calcion nanoaugmentors deactivate and cease to function.


Model Level Price
Standard 3 355

Hydro-lung was one of the first nanovirus applications. When the nanovirus is injected into the character the nanovirus attaches to the alveoli in the lungs and allows the lungs to extract oxygen directly from any type of water.

Activating the nanovirus is a rather unpleasant experience: you gain the staggered condition the first round you begin breathing water. After overcoming the fear of drowning and your body’s natural responses to inhaling water, you can act normally. These nanite allow you to breath underwater as long as you are submerged. Deactivating the nanovirus is equally unpleasant. You gain the staggered condition while forcing the water out of your lungs. If you need to briefly come to the surface it is possible to hold your breath or in this case hold your water while operating out of the water. See the Starfinder Role Playing Game Core Rulebook for rules on holding your breath.


Model Level Price
Standard 6 975

JTR-102b or “Jitter” is a military grade solution to the absence of a cup of coffee and a good night’s rest. Jitter allows mission critical employees to operate around the clock without stopping to rest. When jitter is injected it immediately attaches itself to the subject’s nervous and endocrine systems. The nanites assist in the production hormones, adrenalin, and other chemicals that emulate the effects of a good night rest.

Any subject injected with jitter gains all the benefits of 8 full hours of uninterrupted rest. This allows the subject to regain some Hit Points, all their Stamina Points, and remove the fatigued or exhausted condition. (If spell casting is present in your campaign a caster may still have to spend time to study or pray to memorize spells).

Although the effect of the nanites is non-addictive, there are occasionally some undesired side effects. Overuse, or a simple bad reaction to jitter results in confusion. Each time jitter is used there is a 1% chance of gaining the confused condition because parts of the brain fail to reset while the body releases extra hormones, adrenalin, etc. If a subject were to take jitter for several consecutive days their chance of confusion doubles each time its used 1%, 2%, 4%, 8%, 16%, 32%, 64%, 100%. There is no saving throw against this confusion and the condition lasts for 24 hours or a specialized nano-hunter is administered to counter the effects of the jitter nanites. In addition, once anyone has succumbed to jitter induced confusion they can no longer use the nanovirus without regaining the confused condition.

Jitter can only be used once per day. The nanites remain active in the user’s system for 24 hours. Additional injections have no benefits, but do require the subject to make and additional % check to avoid the confused condition.


Model Level Price
Standard 3 375

The leukonyte nanovirus carry out tasks similar to white blood cells, protecting the body against both infectious disease and foreign invaders including; viruses, bacteria, and toxins. The recipient gains a +4 bonus on Fortitude saves against poison or disease. These nanoaugmentors are commonly administered to soldiers, medical personnel, and researchers working with or in areas plagued by disease or bioweapons. The leukonytes nanovirus provides disease resistance for 7 days before going inactive and flushing from your system.


Model Level Price
Standard 3 345

The linguist nanovirus allow you to read, understand, and communicate in a language you don’t understand. For this nanovirus to work you must have the physical and mental means to communicate. The nanovirus last for 24 hours after injection or until its dismissed. You must spend 10 minutes acclimating to a new language before you are considered proficient.


Model Level Price
Standard 5 755

These nanites are often used to enhance soldiers and those involved in athletics. Micro-muscle nanites attach themselves to muscles which enables them to perform beyond their normal limitations. Micro-muscles not only enhance the strength of a creature injected with the nanites, but also allows the creature to push its muscles beyond their normal capacity.

Any creature or character injected with micro muscles gains a +4 bonus to Strength while the nanites are functioning. The subject gains an additional +4 bonus on all Athletics skill checks involving endurance or long-term activity. The nanovirus lasts for up to 4 hours or as long as the nanites are attached to the subject’s muscles.


Model Level Price
Standard 1 80
Advanced 6 2,000
Superior 11 12,500
Ultra 16 87,500

Nano-hunters are nanoviruses with one specific purpose: to search and destroy other nanites. The nano-hunter nanites can be injected into a living creature to destroy one nano augmentation, colony, or virus already in the subject. Before a nano-hunter can be used, it must be programmed to seek out and destroy a specific type of nanite. Any computer or neural computer with a datajack can perform this task as a full round action. After nanohunter is programmed it is injected like other nanoviruses.

In situations where time is of the essence, it’s not uncommon for a nano-hunter to be preprogrammed. Once a nano-hunter has been programmed it cannot be changed without a Computers skill check (DC 15 + nano-hunter’s level). It can never be reprogrammed after injection.

The maximum nanite level effected by a nano-hunter is the nano-hunter’s level plus four. (i.e. a 1st-level nanohunter can destroy up to a 5th-level nanovirus, nano-augmentor, nanocolony, or nanoweapon).

Neuron Boost

Model Level Price
Standard 4 500

The neuron boost nanovirus attaches itself to your central nervous system increasing your reaction times. You can react much faster to changing conditions than you would normally. While the neuron boost nanovirus is active you gain a +2 enhancement bonus to initiative and a +4 enhancement bonus to Reflex saving throws. The neuron boost nanovirus remains active for 4 hours as long as it remains attached to your central nervous system.


Model Level Price
Standard 5 750

Frequently used by soldiers and special operations groups, overdrive is a popular nanovirus. It works by attaching itself to your central nervous system and muscle receptors granting you enhanced speed. The targeted creatures move and act more quickly than normal. This extra speed is a haste-like effect.

When making a full attack, while under the effect of the overdrive nanovirus you can also take a separate move action in order to move. The movement can occur before, after, or between the attacks from the full attack. All movement must occur at the same time. All your modes of movement (including base, burrow, climb, fly, and swim speeds) increase by 30 feet, to a maximum of twice your normal speed using that form of movement. This increase counts as an enhancement bonus, and applies to your jumping distance as a bonus for increased speed. The overdrive nanovirus only last 4d6 rounds before burning itself out and it doesn’t stack with any haste effect.


Model Level Price
Standard 4 495
Advanced 11 6,400

Panacea is a powerful nanovirus used by medics to remove afflictions from a recipient, potentially neutralizing diseases, infestations, poisons, and other harmful conditions. The recipient is entitled to a new saving throw with a +4 circumstance bonus for each or their active afflictions (DC = the DC of the affliction). Success means the affliction is removed. In addition, if the recipient is blind or deaf due to an affliction or damage, panacea restores their vision and hearing unless the appropriate organ has been entirely removed from the subject’s body.

A creature that is cured with panacea takes no additional effects from the diseases, infestations, or poisons removed, and any temporary effects are ended. The nanovirus does not reverse instantaneous effects, such as Hit Point damage, temporary ability damage, or effects that don’t go away on their own (such as poison states). This nanovirus does not prevent the target from being afflicted by the same disease, infestation, or poison after a later exposure at a later date.

Advanced panacea allows the character to spend one resolve point and automatically remove a single affliction.

Photon Refractors

Model Level Price
Limited 2 170
Standard 5 750
Advanced 8 2,770

Photon refractor nanites attach themselves to the subjects endoderm (skin) and actually bend light waves as they approach the subject. A round after injecting the standard photon refractors the subject’s outline appears blurred, shifting, and wavering. This distortion grants the subject concealment (20% miss chance). Any subject using the limited photon refractors must use at least one move action each round to gain this benefit. The advanced photon refractors allows the subject to benefit from total concealment (50% miss chance), but unlike normal total concealment conditions this does not prevent enemies from targeting the subject. This effect last for 4d6 rounds before the nanites are drained of power and are removed from the subject’s system by natural means.

The ability to see invisibility does not counteract the blur effect, but a true seeing does. Opponents that cannot visually see the subject ignore the nanovirus’s effect (though fighting an unseen opponent carries penalties of its own).


Model Level Price
Standard 5 1,000
Advanced 10 7,000
Superior 15 40,000
Ultra 20 333,335

By far the most expensive, yet most versatile line of nanoviruses is poly-vi. Poly-vi can mimic the effects of any other nanovirus of equal or lesser level. Prior to injection poly-vi must be given instructions as to which nanovirus it will be replicating. Any computer or neural computer with a datajack can perform this task as a full round action. After poly-vi is programmed it is injected like other nanoviruses. Poly-vi manufacturers are required to build safety protocols into their nanovirus, which prevent them from being used to create nano-weapons or gray goo.


Model Level Price
Standard 13 12,500

Regenerous-N is a miracle of science for characters and others suffering from severed body members (fingers, toes, hands, feet, arms, legs, tails, or even heads of multi-headed creatures), broken bones, and ruined organs (including eyes). The regenerous-n nanovirus allows you to grow severed body members back. It rebuilds your missing body parts by reading the blueprints from your DNA.

After the nanovirus is injected, the physical regeneration is complete in 1 round if the severed members are present and touching the creature. The severed member must be reattached within one hour to be viable for reattachment. If the severed member is not available it takes 2d10 hours to completely regrow a limb or organ.

Regenerous-N also restores 2d8 Hit Points per round for 6 rounds, and eliminates all nonlethal damage the target has taken. It has no effect on nonliving creatures (including undead). However, it can be used to repair cybernetics since they are programmed into the recipient’s genes.

Sixth Sense

Model Level Price
Standard 8 2,550

The sixth sense nanovirus augments the recipient’s intuitive faculty giving them increased awareness beyond that which is considered normal perception. When you are surprised, you may make a Wisdom check (DC 15) to act during the surprise round. You also gain a +2 insight bonus to Perception skill checks. This augment last 4 hours or until it is deactivated. You cannot rest to regain stamina while this nanovirus is active.


Model Level Price
Standard 5 720
Designer 7 1,720

Speedstitch is composed of nanites proficient in accelerating the body’s natural healing process allowing it to rapidly repairing hit point damage. Each injection of the speedstitch nanovirus heals 3d6 points of damage immediately upon introduction to the recipient’s body. Once this healing is complete, the speedstitch nanites deactivate and cease to function.

Designer speedstich nanovirus lays dormant in your system and may be activated as a swift action on your turn or automatically as a reaction if you are reduced to 0 Hit Points. Designer speedstich can remain in your system for up to a year before expiring.

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