Physical Description

Neanderthals are not quite the primitive, heavy browed brutes most humans imagine when their name is invoked. Neanderthals are a hand shorter and a hand thicker than a typical human. In general, Neanderthals maintain a relatively fit muscular appearance. They are easily identifiable by their facial features which include a broad nose, protruding brow, and rosy or flushed appearance. They are fair skinned and prone to freckling with long term exposure to sunlight. Light brown and red hair are common.

Home World

Genetically, Neanderthal’s hail from the planet Earth, but none are known to have been born there since they were brought back from extinction. There are many small free colonies of Neanderthals through human space, the largest of which is on Mars. For the most part, many integrate into human society when they are released from their servitude.

Society And Alignment

The majority of Neanderthals are clones and begin their lives as indentured servants to the mega-corporation which is leasing their service. Although there are proponents to this system that equate it to little more than justified slavery, the Neanderthals don’t seem to see their servitude as an injustice. A Neanderthal elder will tell you, “Ten years of service is a small price to pay, for existence itself is a blessing”.

Corporations leasing Neanderthal services treat them well because they are too expensive to mistreat and they represent an incredibly hardworking and loyal workforce. Elders will often point out that the living conditions in a Neanderthal workcamp on a remote mining colony will far surpass the living conditions of those who volunteer for such work. There have been many documented cases where free laborers grew to resent the privileged treatment the Neanderthals seemed to receive, only to have a Neanderthal elder speak on their behalf to improve living conditions for the free workers. In cases where an elders demands were not or could not be met, they welcomed the free workers into their settlements with open arms. Neanderthals naturally organize themselves into clans where the oldest members are referred to as elders and treated with the highest levels of dignity and respect. Clan membership is determined though many different methods, but typically it’s a lottery when the new clones arrive. Children are automatically members of their mother’s clan but they are rare. Only 10% of Neanderthals are freeborn or the product of natural reproduction due to fertility issues. If a Neanderthal marries into another clan, the male joins the female’s clan.


Overall, Neanderthals are peace loving and law abiding members of the galactic community. They appreciate the uniqueness of their situation, and are welcomed almost everywhere. They have been around long enough that only the rudest or most uneducated human would make references to them being hulking brutes no better than a cave man. Though even in this instance, a Neanderthal would likely walk away from the situation than allow it to escalate into something more.

When a Neanderthal completes their servitude they often stick with the company that was leasing their services as a free laborer. However, others are overcome with wanderlust and sign on with a starfinder group the first chance that presents itself. A Neanderthal treats members of their starfinder like extended clan members and family. It’s been said more than once by an elder to a younger clan member, “You don’t have to like your brother, but you must love him like one.”


Neanderthals are well suited to fill the soldier, mechanic, or mystic role in a starfinder. It’s not in their nature to start a fight, but when it comes to protecting their extended clan members they are adept in finishing a fight. They are all highly religious and borderline superstitious. They respect the religious beliefs of all cultures and are quick to adopt local dogma into their own.


Neanderthals are only given a serial number when they leave the cloning facility. Most receive their name when they are accepted into a clan. Names of Scandinavian origin are most common. They will combine this name with the first four and last four digits of their serial number ensuring Addo 1031 2518 isn’t mistaken for Addo 0998 2518.

Racial Traits

+2 Strength, -2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom

6 Hit Points

Neanderthals are Medium humanoids and have the human subtype.

Low-Light Vision Neanderthals can see twice as far as humans in conditions of dim light. For more details, see chapter 8 of the Starfinder Core Rulebook.

Attuned To Nature Neanderthals have brain receptors which allow them to identify beneficial substances. They gain a +1 racial bonus to Survival skill checks used to identify beneficial herbs and minerals.

Enhanced Diabetic Reaction Neanderthals were hunter-gatherers. They have a diabetes gene which allows then to endure long fasts punctuated by gluttonous binges. This diabetic reaction allows them to regulate this cycle. A Neanderthal only needs to eat three days’ worth of rations once every ten days.

Insulating Skin Neanderthal skin is more insulated and better adapted to cold environments than a typical human’s. Neanderthals begin play with energy resistance 1/cold and can survive unprotected in cold weather down to 20 degrees F before they potentially begin taking nonlethal cold damage, severe cold begins at -20 degrees F, and extreme cold at -40 degrees F.

Rapid Blood Clotting Neanderthals benefit from a gene coded for rapid blood clotting. This gene grants them immunity to bleed damage.

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