New Starships

This page contains new starships, sorted by size.

Tiny Ships

Gunship (Tier 1)

A gunship is a small, but powerfully armed craft, capable of destroying ships many times its own size. However, it is also fragile, incapable of sustaining damage for prolonged periods of time. Many consider the gunships to be merely “laser cannons with engines,” and that is exactly what they’re intended for. They’re designed to be cheap, disposable ships, with minimum crews, that hit for maximum effect. As most pirates try to end any engagement as quickly as they can (either by destroying their enemy, capturing their target or escaping), the gunship has become an essential part of their armory.

Small Ships

Boarding Shuttle (Tier 2)

The boarding shuttle is a small, but exceedingly mass-intense craft. Designed to punch through the armored hull of ships, and disgorge its cargo of pirates and raiders into the enemy ship, it is, in essence, a gigantic drill. At the front the boarding shuttle has an armored prow, allowing it to deliver its cargo, while its heavy shields (for its size) allows it to get close.

Ramming Speed

As a full action, you can pilot a starship at up to its full speed in a straight line at its current heading and try to ram one creature or object at the end of the movement, dealing double the starship’s collision damage to the target, and half the starship’s collision damage to your own starship. Movement during a ram action has all the same restrictions as the race action and requires the same Piloting checks. If you fail any Piloting check during the movement, you fail to ram your target.

If the target of the ram action is a creature, it can attempt a Reflex saving throw against your Piloting check to avoid being hit. If the target of the ram action is another starship the pilot of the defending vehicle can attempt a Piloting check to avoid being hit, with a DC equal to the result of your Piloting check. The attacker wins ties.

Size also matters when it comes to dealing damage. A ship being rammed always takes damage based on the size of the ramming ship. A ramming ship takes damage based on either its own size or that of the ship being rammed, whichever is less. (i.e. a gargantuan battleship ramming a tiny fighter takes damage based on the fighters size, but the same fighter ramming the battleship takes damage based on its own size).

Note that if a starship fails to overcome its opponents Damage Threshold, then it may still take damage itself (assuming the damage overcomes the Damage Threshold of the rammer) — it is also worth noting that this can cause critical damage to both ships, as normal.

If the two ships are NOT destroyed, then at that point they will continue to inhabit the same hex, until one ship is destroyed or the crew spends several hours performing repairs and removing one ship from the other. During the time where the ships are entangled in this manner, they can only engage with turrets and weapons in the quadrant facing each other.

Tier Damage Tier Damage
1/4 2d8 B 11 20d10 B
1/3 2d8 B 12 11d20 B
1/2 3d8 B 13 12d20 B
1 4d8 B 14 14d20 B
2 5d8 B 15 15d20 B
3 5d8 B 16 17d20 B
4 5d12 B 17 18d20 B
5 5d12 B 18 20d20 B
6 6d12 B 19 23d20 B
7 12d10 B 20 25d20 B
8 14d10 B
9 16d10 B
10 18d10 B
Starship Size Damage
Tiny –3 dice
Small –2 dice
Medium –1 die
Huge +1 die
Gargantuan +2 dice
Colossal +3 dice


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