The following are new races for the Starfinder Roleplaying Game. Rather than being organized alphabetically, these races are largely separated by source. If you're looking for a particular race, we recommend you search for it or scan by source.

New Races


Chimera Human (Panthera), Neanderthal, Uplifted Black Bear


Chimera Human (Panthera), Rhukoon, Uplifted Black Bear, Uplifted Orangutan, Uplifted Platypus




Neanderthal, Rhukoon, Uplifted Orangutan, Uplifted Platypus


Chimera Human (Panthera)

Starfarer Races

Starfarer Aasimar Starfarer Ifrit Starfarer Oread Starfarer Tiefling
Starfarer Catfolk Starfarer Kitsune Starfarer Samsaran Starfarer Undine
Starfarer Deoxyian Starfarer Kobold Starfarer Suli Starfarer Vanara
Starfarer Dhampir Starfarer Mechanoi Starfarer Sylph Starfarer Vishkanya
Starfarer Grippli Starfarer Nagaji Starfarer Tengu Starfarer Wayang

Alternate Racial Traits

Alternate Racial Traits replace one or more of a character's normal racial abilities, granting them new and different talents.

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