Physical Description

The Rhukoon rapidly evolved over a few hundred years from the common raccoon as a direct result a disaster. With no history of their own, the rhukoons quickly assimilated themselves into human society. Despite the compressed timeline, the rapid mutation of the rhukoon genome has left them more genetically diverse then humans. Rhukoons share less DNA markers with a common raccoon than a human does with other primates.

Rhukoons are covered in short fur and maintain the masked appearance of their raccoon ancestors. The common or black rhukoons have grey fur highlighted by white and black accents. White and red rhukoons also exist and these traits are maternal.

Home World

Rhukoons are from Earth. They will talk your ears off about how the humans were kind enough to remake the Earth into a paradise, preparing it for the rhukoons ascension to sentience. The rhukoons were not alone on Earth however, most learned everything they know from remote pockets of humanity that remained behind.

Society And Alignment

Rhukoons are aware that they have come into existence in the cosmic blink of an eye and what little culture of their own they do have seems to be inherited by their unevolved cousins.

Rhukoons are matriarchal and one’s lineage is traced through maternal ancestry. Rhukoons live with extended family in large households; at the head of each is a matriarch. Lineage is traced through the female side of the family, and property is passed down along the same maternal line. Rhukoon women typically handle business decisions and men handle politics. Children are raised in the mother's households and take her name.

The Rhukoon have what's called “walking marriages." There is no institution of marriage; rather, women choose their partners by literally walking to the man’s home and the couples never live together. Since children always remain in the mother’s care, the father rarely plays a role in the upbringing of children. In some cases, the father's identity is not even known.

When rhukoon boys become sensitive to female pheromones, around age 10, they are sent off to live in the men’s quarter. The boys learn practical skills under the guidance of other men. Some rhukoon men prefer to live in relative solitude, while others live in frat house like conditions their entire lives.

Few female rhukoons choose to leave earth, and if they do it’s an entire clan. Most rhukoons that jump the first ship off the third rock are male’s. They seem to have a natural wanderlust.


Rhukoon had built a society based on the remains of surviving human technologies from the “Earth That Was” and were more than ready to be discovered when first contact was made. There is a strange familiarity between humans and rhukoons which neither race can explain. Few rhukoon to date have any formal education but they are fast learners. Rhukoons are fascinated by technology, self-augmentation, and new things, quickly learning their uses through trial and error, often more quickly than someone would by reading the manual.

Rhukoon enjoy the company of humans. It is a rhukoon’s place in the verse to lurk or act as sidekick to their creators. Rhukoons get along well with races that don’t try to eat them, mistake them for their less evolved cousins, or force them to read manuals. Ysoki are not trusted or well liked, mostly because they tend to lurk around humans and they believe only rhukoons should fill this niche.


Rhukoons lack formal training but they are quick to learn new skills once given the opportunity. Rhukoons are well suited to fill in the mechanic, operative, and mystic roles in a starship crew, but are adaptable and usually willing to take any role that gets them a spot at the “big boy’s table”. Although, they are also happy to just be within lurking distance if a spot at the table isn’t available.


By rhukoon tradition kids aren’t named at birth. Designations such as kid 2 of (litter) 4. Eventually a rhukoon will suffer some form of near death experience and will earn a name by surviving that experience. Names like Firecracker, Torch, Jump, Bear, Spaced, Train, Laser Breath, Bucket Head, Egg Beater, and Red Button are all potentially common names.

Racial Traits

-2 Strength, +2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom

Rhukoons are Small humanoids with the rhukoon subtype.

Climber (Ex) Rhukoons are natural climbers and have a base climb speed of 20 feet. Rhukoons are never considered flatfooted while climbing. This ability is lost if the Rhukoon is wearing footwear.

Low-Light Vision (Ex) Rhukoon can see in dim light as if it were normal light. For more details, see chapter 8 of the Starfinder Core Rulebook.

Fast-Hands (Ex) Rhukoon receive a +2 racial bonus on Sleight of Hand checks

Jack Of All Trades (Ex) A rhukoon can use any skill untrained, even those that normally require training. They also gain a +1 racial bonus on skill they use untrained.

Near Sighted One obstacle that was not overcome in their evolution was their eyesight. Rhukoons suffer double normal ranged attack penalties

Scent Rhukoons possess a keen sense of smell and gain a +4 racial bonus to Survival (Track) skill checks. In addition, a rhukoon can make a Survival skill check to determine if edible is poisoned, diseased, or spoiled, but it does not allow them to identify any of the contaminants.

Slow Starter Rhukoons begin play with less skills than members of other races. Rhukoons start with 4 less skill points than indicated by their class at 1st level, minimum of 1 + their intelligence bonus. They gain skill points normally after 1st level.

Tactile Differentiation Rhukoons received a +2 racial bonus on Perception skill checks when searching surfaces, and Engineering skill checks to disarm traps.

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