This page contains new spells for the Starfinder Roleplaying Game. The left column has spells organized alphabetically by name, while the right has spells organized by class, then level. Note that these lists only cover new spells appearing on this site, so they are an addition to the class' main spell list rather than a replacement. The full list of spells for a class can be found on each class' page.

New classes and spells have their product listed at the end of their spell list page. Spell lists drawing from multiple sources (like the Mystic and Technomancer lists) have sources listed after each new spell instead.

A spell with (R) in its name requires the expenditure of resolve points to cast. A spell with an additional modifier (like Lesser, Greater, or Mass) is organized by the 'main' name of the spell instead, with the modifier at the end. Thus, Lesser Restoration would be under "Restoration, Lesser".

Variable-Level Spells

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