Starship Weapons
Table: New Starship Weapons
Light Weapons Range Speed (in hexes) Damage PCU Cost (in BP) Special Properties Source
Light Hyperspace Rays Long 4d6 5 5 NotN:HT:NSS
Tachyon Projector Long 3d10 30 40 NotN:HT:NSS
Heavy Weapons Range Speed (in hexes) Damage PCU Cost (in BP) Special Properties Source
Attack Drones Long 16 2d6 20 20 NotN:HT:NSS
Destabilization Wave Short 10 see text 50 75 NotN:HT:NSS
Heavy Hyperspace Rays Long 8d6 5 15 NotN:HT:NSS
Pulsar Short see text 40 50 NotN:HT:NSS
Capital Weapons Range Speed (in hexes) Damage PCU Cost (in BP) Special Properties Source
Singularity Projector Long see text 100 300 NotN:HT:NSS

Weapon Systems

Attack Drones (Heavy, Targeting)

The starship is mounted with a cannon that fires tiny attack drones armed with small lasers or cannons. Each round, if they are within 1 hex of the target starship, the drones attempt a target lock, and, if successful, deal damage as they pass close by the starship. If the target starship moves, the drones must move to be adjacent again before they can make another attack. The drones can be targeted and destroyed; they have AC 5, TL 5, and 10 Hull Points. The cannon can produce 1 drone per round, and can produce up to 10 drones an hour before the automated manufacturing systems need time to create more. After 1 minute, the drones created by the cannon attempt a final target lock and plow into their target, dealing 2d6 points of damage each as they self-destruct. A failure on this target lock indicates the drone explodes without dealing damage.

Destabilization Wave (Heavy, Targeting)

These projectors fire waves of gravity in alternating strengths and fluctuating intensities and directions. Though smaller crafts are unlikely to be suffer more than a slight battering, larger starships experience vast shifts and take heavier damage as their greater mass is distorted. A successful hit with the projectors deals 1d4 points of damage per size category of a Medium or smaller starship, or 1d10 points of damage per size category of a Large or larger starship. Additionally, regardless of the starship’s size, it is turned 180 degrees in a random direction unless the pilot succeeds on a DC 20 Pilot check. This weapon requires 2 heavy mounts in order to be installed.

Heavy Hyperspace Rays (Heavy, Direct-Fire)

These weapons function just like light hyperspace rays (below), but are somewhat larger and more powerful, requiring a heavier mount.

Light Hyperspace Rays (Light, Direct-Fire)

These starship-to-starship weapons draw their energy directly from hyperspace, redirecting into a stream of high energy charged particles. Though highly damaging, these rays are directly dependent on hyperspace energy, meaning they can only be operated within hyperspace and do not function elsewhere.

Pulsar (Heavy, Direct-Fire)

These massive energy projectors use charged particle waves to create pulses of powerful energy, which produces incredible force in all directions. Unlike most other weapons, a pulsar is projected from the entire starship attacking all 4 firing arcs at once. This weapon system requires a total of 4 heavy mounts to be installed, one for each arc of the ship. The damage dealt by the weapon depends on the size of the starship it is mounted on, as it uses the starships own electrical systems to build its charge. The pulsar does 2d6 points of damage per size category of the starship it is mounted on.

Singularity Projector (Capital, Direct-Fire)

These weapons create a tiny singularity, which warps space around it, drawing objects towards it. If fired at another starship, a direct hit deals 1d6 x 10 points of damage per size category of the firing starship, and prevents the target starship from moving for 1 turn, but imbedding into the starship in this fashion causes no further effect. This weapon can also be fired into a hex, in which case the singularity takes root and all starships within 10 hexes must use their movement on the next turn to get closer to the singularity, as they are drawn towards it. A successful Pilot check (DC 30) can negate this effect.

Tachyon Projector (Light, Direct-Fire)

These heavy weapons are essentially massive energy projectors, which create a constant stream of faster-than-light particles to bombard an enemy vessel. In addition to dealing damage, a hit with this weapon causes the target to literally move backwards in time, causing the vessel to move in reverse along the course it had set this round and return to the position in which it started the round. While moving in this way, the starship is slightly out of phase with normal time and thus normal space, causing it to pass though objects that may be in its path.

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