The following are new themes that players can choose during character creation.

Brute (+1 Str)

You are someone with a nasty bent. You are likely to be violent, taking no prisoners, and giving no quarter to those who surrender. You are a tyrannical sort, brooking no interference with what you perceive as being yours, whether that is booty, area of responsibility, or sleeping quarters. You can be found at the forefront of the boarding action, swinging a monomolecular cutlass, and bashing people’s heads in.

Collateral (+1 Con)

You were taken as a slave earlier in life, probably as a child, in payment for being rescued from some disaster. While you've probably escaped it by now, your harsh upbringing has made you tougher than a normal person.

Genetically Gifted (+1 Str, Dex, or Con)

In an age where genetic manipulation is commonplace and science nearly indistinguishable from magic, the concept of genetic mutations and the strange, supernatural powers that accompany it does little to stretch the imagination. Still, gifted youngsters born with incredible gifts aren’t unheard of, and in fact are prized by governments and corporations alike as heralds of a new age. Of course, those that fear the coming shift in power dynamics exist, and in some places genetically gifted individuals are feared or outright persecuted for simply existing. As a result, being genetically gifted requires both a drive to learn to control and master one’s unique talents, as well as distinguish with whom those talents should be shared and whom those talents should be hidden from.

Rogue (+1 Cha)

You are charming, able to talk your way into and out of most situations, and having folks of a certain persuasion swoon over your every action. Quick to get into the action, with a witty retort and a sharpened cutlass, you overcome any obstacles with panache, and derring-do rather than brute force. Make no mistake though, at the end of the day you crave booty like any other pirate, though this may not necessarily be in the form of credits or treasure.

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