The following are new weapons characters can use. For new fusions, see the Weapon Fusions page.

Weapon Damage

Several of the new weapons described below deal necrotic (N) damage. While some of these weapons (enervating pistols and rifles) attack the target’s EAC, a few of them instead attack the target’s KAC, delivering both necrotic and piercing damage as indicated in the individual entries.

Advanced Melee Weapons

One-Handed Weapons Level Price Damage Critical Bulk Special Source
Cutlass, tactical 3 2,000 1d8 S L Analog, block FGG:CO:POTS
Cutlass, buzzblade 10 12,000 2d8 S L Block, powered (Capacity 20, Usage 1) FGG:CO:POTS
Cutlass, ultrathin 13 30,000 4d8 S L Analog, block FGG:CO:POTS
Cutlass, ripper 15 120,000 8d8 L block, powered (Capacity 20, Usage 1) FGG:CO:POTS
Cutlass, Molecular Rift 20 600,000 12d8 L Analog, block FGG:CO:POTS

Small Arms

1H Lvl Price Dmg Rng Crit Cap Usg Bulk Spec. Src.
Boneshard pistol, tactical 5 3,200 2d4 P & N 30 ft. Bleed 1d6 6 rounds 1 L Analog LPJ:IS:FW&EA
Boneshard pistol, advanced 9 14,750 4d4 P & N 40 ft. Bleed 1d8 6 rounds 1 L Analog LPJ:IS:FW&EA
Breacher pistol, utility 1 120 1d4 P 10 ft. 1 shell 1 1 Analog, blast FGG:CO:POTS
Breacher pistol, snub 8 4,150 1d12 P 10 ft. 1 shell 1 1 Analog, blast FGG:CO:POTS
Breacher pistol, impact 12 15,200 2d12 P 10 ft. 1 shell 1 1 Analog, blast FGG:CO:POTS
Breacher pistol, vortex 15 45,950 3d12 P 20 ft. 1 shell 1 1 Analog, blast FGG:CO:POTS
Breacher pistol, grapeshot 18 165,000 4d12 P 20 ft. 1 shell 1 1 Analog, blast FGG:CO:POTS
Chakram pistol, tactical 7 6,750 2d6 S 40 ft. Wound 8 chakram I L LPJ:IS:FW&EA
Chakram pistol, advanced 11 25,200 3d6 S 60 ft. Wound 10 chakram 1 L LPJ:IS:FW&EA
EMP pistol, tactical 5 3,100 1d8 E* 20 ft. 20 charges 2 1 Penetrating, unwieldy LPJ:IS:FW&EA
EMP pistol, advanced 10 16,200 2d8 E* 40 ft. 40 charges 2 L Penetrating LPJ:IS:FW&EA
Enervating pistol, spectre-class 6 4,370 2d4 N 25 ft. Fatigued 20 charges 1 L Unwieldy LPJ:IS:FW&EA
Enervating pistol, wraith-class 10 17,000 4d4 N 40 ft. Exhausted 40 charges 2 L Unwieldy LPJ:IS:FW&EA
Lancer, Yellow Star 10 65,000 1d10 40 ft. Burn 1d10 40 charges 8 L Auto, Boost 1d10, Line, Unwieldy AV:FF
Lancer, White Star 15 130,000 2d10 E&F 40 ft. Burn 2d10 100 charges 20 L Auto, Boost 1d10, Line, Unwieldy AV:FF
Lancer, Blue Star 20 520,000 3d10 E&F 40 ft. Burn 3d10 100 charges 20 L Auto, Boost 1d10, Line, Unwieldy AV:FF
Rail Pistol 1 3 1800 1d4 P 30 - 10 slugs 1 L Line, Penetrating GGP:MM:WT
Rail Pistol 2 8 17,500 2d4 P 60 - 10 slugs 1 L Line, Penetrating GGP:MM:WT
Rail Pistol 3 13 42,000 4d4 P 90 - 20 slugs 1 L Line, Penetrating GGP:MM:WT
Rail Pistol 4 18 380,000 6d4 P 90 - 40 slugs 1 L Line, Penetrating GGP:MM:WT
Retribution, Advanced 8 23,000 1d10 E&F 40 ft. Burn 1d10 40 rounds 8 L Line, Unwieldy, Auto AV:FF
Retribution, Elite 13 92,000 2d10 E&F 40 ft. Burn 2d10 50 rounds 10 L Line, Unwieldy, Auto AV:FF
Retribution, Paragon 18 368,000 3d10 E&F 40 ft. Burn 3d10 100 rounds 20 L Line, Unwieldy, Auto AV:FF


2H Lvl Price Dmg Rng Crit Cap Usg Bulk Spec. Src.
Boneshard rifle, tactical 7 6,600 2d8 P & N 80 ft. Bleed 1d8 12 shells 1 2 Analog LPJ:IS:FW&EA
Boneshard rifle, advanced 11 22,100 3d8 P & N 120 ft. Bleed 2d6 12 shells 1 2 Analog LPJ:IS:FW&EA
Burrower rifle 12 39,700 4d8 P 90 ft. Corrode 2d4, Bleed 6 shells 1 2 Analog LPJ:IS:FW&EA
Chakram rifle, tactical 7 6,900 2d8 S 90 ft. Wound 10 chakram 1 1 LPJ:IS:FW&EA
Chakram rifle, advanced 12 39,200 4d8 S 90 ft. Wound 15 chakram 1 1 LPJ:IS:FW&EA
EMP rifle, tactical 6 4,500 2d8 E 30 ft. 40 charges 2 2 Penetrating, unwieldy LPJ:IS:FW&EA
EMP rifle, elite 11 23,500 3d8 E* 60 ft. 40 charges 2 2 Penetrating LPJ:IS:FW&EA
Enervating rifle, vampire-class 8 8,600 2d6 N 40 ft. Fatigued 40 charges 2 2 Unwieldy LPJ:IS:FW&EA
Enervating rifle, bodak-class 12 36,300 3d6 N 60 ft. Exhausted 100 charges 4 2 Unwieldy LPJ:IS:FW&EA
Rail Repeater 1 2 520 1d6 P 50 - 10 slugs 2 1 Automatic, Line GGP:MM:WT
Rail Repeater 2 7 6,900 2d6 P 60 - 20 slugs 2 2 Automatic, Line GGP:MM:WT
Rail Repeater 3 12 40,800 4d6 P 60 - 40 slugs 2 2 Automatic, Line GGP:MM:WT
Rail Repeater 4 17 320,000 6d6 P 80 - 40 slugs 2 3 Automatic, Line GGP:MM:WT
Warhammer, Tactical 5 16,500 1d12 P 100 ft. - 15 rounds 1 L Auto, Trailblazer Fusion AV:FF
Warhammer, Advanced 10 62,000 2d12 P 100 ft. - 20 rounds 1 L Auto, Trailblazer Fusion AV:FF
Warhammer, Elite 15 134,000 3d12 P 100 ft. - 40 rounds 1 L Auto, Trailblazer Fusion AV:FF
Warhammer, Paragon 20 532,000 6d12 P 100 ft. - 40 rounds 1 L Auto, Trailblazer Fusion AV:FF

Sniper Weapons

2H Lvl Price Dmg Rng Crit Cap Usg Bulk Spec. Src.
Longbow, Red Star 3 2,125 1d10 E&F 80 ft. Burn 1d10 40 rounds 2 2 Line, Unwieldy, Sniper 120ft., Boost 1d10 AV:FF
Longbow, Yellow Star 8 8,500 2d10 E&F 80 ft. Burn 2d10 60 rounds 3 2 Line, Unwieldy, Sniper 120ft., Boost 1d10 AV:FF
Longbow, White Star 13 34,000 3d10 E&F 80 ft. Burn 3d10 100 rounds 5 2 Line, Unwieldy, Sniper 120ft., Boost 1d10 AV:FF
Longbow, Blue Star 18 132,000 4d10 E&F 80 ft. Burn 4d10 200 rounds 10 2 Line, Unwieldy, Sniper 120ft., Boost 1d10 AV:FF
Rail Sniper 1 4 3,800 1d10 P 50 ft - 10 slugs 5 1 Line, Sniper (250 ft), unwieldy GGP:MM:WT
Rail Sniper 2 10 11,200 3d10 P 50 ft - 20 slugs 5 2 Line, Sniper (500 ft), unwieldy GGP:MM:WT
Rail Sniper 3 14 90,500 5d10 P 50 ft - 20 slugs 5 2 Line, Sniper (750 ft), unwieldy GGP:MM:WT
Rail Sniper 4 20 800,400 10d10 P 50 ft - 40 slugs 5 3 Line, Sniper (1200 ft), unwieldy GGP:MM:WT
Scalpel, Azimuth 2 7,000 1d8 F 120 ft. Burn 1d8 40 charges 1 2 Boost 1d8, Sniper 180ft. AV:FF
Scalpel, Corona 7 28,000 2d8 F 120 ft. Burn 2d8 80 charges 2 2 Boost 1d8, Sniper 180ft. AV:FF
Scalpel, Aphelion 12 58,000 3d8 F 120 ft. Burn 3d8 100 charges 2 2 Boost 1d8, Sniper 180ft. AV:FF
Scalpel, Perihelion 17 216,000 4d8 F 120 ft. Burn 4d8 100 charges 4 2 Boost 1d8, Sniper 180ft. AV:FF

Heavy Weapons

2H Lvl Price Dmg Rng Crit Cap Usg Bulk Spec. Src.
Rail Cannon 1 7 12,000 2d12 P 60 ft Wound 10 2 3 Line, Penetrating, unwieldy GGP:MM:WT
Rail Cannon 2 12 45,800 4d12 P 60 ft Wound 10 2 4 Line, Penetrating, unwieldy GGP:MM:WT
Rail Cannon 3 16 360,500 6d12 P 90 ft Wound 20 2 4 Line, Penetrating, unwieldy GGP:MM:WT
Rail Cannon 4 20 600,000 9d12 P 120 ft Wound 40 2 5 Line, Penetrating, unwieldy GGP:MM:WT


Grenades Level Price Range Capacity Bulk Special Source
Jammer grenade I 1 120 20 ft. Drawn L Explode, static (30 ft.) LPJ:IS:FW&EA
Jammer grenade II 4 650 20 ft. Drawn L Explode, static (40 ft.) LPJ:IS:FW&EA
Jammer grenade III 10 5,300 20 ft. Drawn L Explode, static (60 ft.) LPJ:IS:FW&EA
T-scrambler grenade I 2 300 20 ft. Drawn L Explode, nullifying (15 ft.) LPJ:IS:FW&EA
T-scrambler grenade II 6 1,400 20 ft. Drawn L Explode, nullifying (25 ft.) LPJ:IS:FW&EA
T-scrambler grenade III 12 10,700 20 ft. Drawn L Explode, nullifying (40 ft.) LPJ:IS:FW&EA


Name Level Price Delivery Method Source
Glowworm, standard 3 500 Injection SH:GA:NE
Gray death 3 585 Injection, or touch SH:GA:NE
Friendship 5 650 Injection SH:GA:NE
Carbonite encasement 6 995 Injection SH:GA:NE
Truth bringer 6 1,150 Injection SH:GA:NE
Jubilex, standard 6 1,000 Injection SH:GA:NE
Glowworm, advanced 7 1,500 Injection SH:GA:NE
Gray death, blue death 9 4,495 Injection, or touch SH:GA:NE
Nano-EMP 9 4,500 Injection SH:GA:NE
Jubilex, advanced 10 5,250 Injection SH:GA:NE
Reaper 10 4,950 Injection SH:GA:NE
Glowworm, superior 11 6,000 Injection SH:GA:NE
Paralytic inhibitor 11 6,185 Ingestion, or injection SH:GA:NE
Gray death, violet death “chainsaw” 13 12,475 Injection, or touch SH:GA:NE
Kill switch 15 30,000 Ingestion, or injection SH:GA:NE
Synapse Overload 18 95,000 Injection SH:GA:NE

Special Ammunition

Special Ammunition Level Price Charges/Cartridges Bulk Special Source
Boneshard shells, small arm 1 80 25 L LPJ:IS:FW&EA
Boneshard shells, longarm 1 120 20 L LPJ:IS:FW&EA
Burrower shells 4 200 20 1 LPJ:IS:FW&EA
Chakram cartridge, pistol 1 50 20 L LPJ:IS:FW&EA
Chakram cartridge, rifle 1 80 20 L LPJ:IS:FW&EA
Riot rounds, small arm 1 50 30 L Nonlethal LPJ:IS:FW&EA
Riot rounds, longarm 1 90 25 L Nonlethal LPJ:IS:FW&EA
Slugs, Materiel Block 1 80 10 L - GGP:MM:WT
Slugs, High Capacity Block 5 400 20 L - GGP:MM:WT
Slugs, Ultra Capacity Block 8 620 40 L - GGP:MM:WT
Tracker rounds, small arm 1 80 20 L Nonlethal LPJ:IS:FW&EA
Tracker rounds, longarm 1 150 20 L Nonlethal LPJ:IS:FW&EA

New Weapon Categories

Boneshard Weapons

On some of the more war-torn, lawless planets, combatants have begun using boneshard weapons to intimidate their enemies before killing them in horrible ways. These weapons fire shells filled with clusters of jagged bone fragments laced with necrotizing toxins. These shards inflict damage upon impact, after which they fragment inside the target and inflict agonizing wounds that won’t stop bleeding.

Most civilized planets and star systems forbid the use of boneshard ammunition and impose harsh penalties on those caught using it. Indeed, most soldiers offer no quarter or mercy to enemies caught carrying these rounds.

Burrower Weapons

Extremely rare, expensive, and despised by almost every civilized combatant, burrower weapons fire organic projectiles grown and assembled in illegal genetic labs. Each burrower shell consists of a large, beetle-like insect with razor mandibles encased within a sabot. When fired, the sabot breaks away and the beetle hurtles towards its target. Upon impact, the insect burrows into its victim, after which it exudes a powerful acid before dying.

Because burrower beetles are living creatures, they fall under the domain of many customs laws dealing with transportation and importation of life forms.

Finding burrower shells for purchase can prove difficult; most arms dealers dislike having them in stock. Ironically, even the most hardened criminals don’t want the stigma associated with this merchandise staining their reputations.

Chakram Weapons

A chakram weapon fires thin, razor-edged metallic discs about half the size of a human palm. The gun magnetically propels these blades at tremendous speed. Other than the whisper produced as the blade slices through the air, chakram weapons are virtually silent. As a result, they have found special favor among assassins and stealth strike units.

EMP Weapons

Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons fire a burst of energy harmless to living creatures but damaging to powered constructs, computers, and other electronic equipment. Against nonliving, powered creatures or objects, the beam ignores the target’s DR. If the beam strikes a living creature, it has no effect. Likewise, the beam has no effect against a target protected by any sort of force field. Finally, powered armor is considered shielded against EMP and remains unaffected by these weapons. Because the EMP beam loses coherence quickly, this type of weapon has limited range.

EMP weapons are often deployed to tactical teams when they expect to face security bots, or if they need to terminate a room full of computers or similar equipment.

Enervating Weapons

Banned, outlawed, and generally despised in every civilized star system, enervating weapons function by suppressing a target’s life force. An enervating weapon fires a focused beam of purplish-black particles. These particles siphon off the target’s physiologic energy, leaving them lethargic and weakened. These weapons have no effect on machines, constructs, or undead.

On a critical hit, the target of an enervating weapon must make a Fortitude save (DC = 10 + ½ the weapon’s level + the attacker’s Dexterity modifier) or gain either the fatigued or exhausted condition (varies with the individual weapon). If the target already suffers the fatigued condition and fails this Fortitude saving throw, they become exhausted instead.

List of Advanced Melee Weapons



The cutlass is a classic weapon for pirates, combining a sharp curved blade, with a basket shaped guard covering the grip. In modern times these cutlasses have been reinforced, and the basket hilt has been modified to deliver powerful charges upon impact, or the blade of the cutlass sharpened to an incredible edge, only one molecule thick. Whenever you’re successfully hit in melee by an opponent for which you’re getting the +1 enhancement bonus to your AC from the block special property, they receive a strong jolt, and must succeed on a Fortitude check with a DC equal to the cutlass item level +10 or be staggered for 1 round.

The tactical cutlass itself is unchanged from ancient times, at least design wise with the only changes being the upgraded materials and basket hilt. The buzzblade in the meantime is a nasty weapon that uses it’s powercell to vibrate the material, causing grievous wounds. The ultrathin version looks delicate, but is incredibly sturdy, and sharp. The ripper version actually has little serrated teeth running up and down the length of the blade, causing it to bite further into any target. Finally, the molecular rift version is nearly translucent, managing to gap the bridges between dimensions, becoming material only momentarily while striking a target.

List of Small Arms


Boneshard Pistol (Tactical, Advanced)

This type of pistol is often built to appear macabre, decorated with elaborate skulls and etched with death runes, all designed to enhance its intimidation factor.

Breacher Pistol

A breacher pistol is essentially a shorter, smaller version of the scattergun, capable of being wielded in one hand and easy to conceal or carry in a vac-suit across to a ship being boarded. Unfortunately, its small size also means that it can only carry one shot at a time, requiring it to be either used only once or to be reloaded frequently. Like it’s parent weapon, it comes in analog, grapeshot, impact, snub, and vortex versions for enhanced damage.

Chakram Pistol (Tactical, Advanced)

The pistol version features a small, compact, easy-to-conceal design with few moving parts.

EMP Pistol (Tactical, Advanced)

Although the bulky tactical model works well against constructs and electronic equipment, it consumes a tremendous amount of battery charge and suffers from poor range. The advanced model benefits from a more efficient pulse generator and improved range.

Enervating Pistol (Spectre, Wraith)

The pistol version has poor range. It requires several seconds to recharge after each use.

Lancer, The

The Lancer is a Plasma pistol developed for use by special forces units and the higher end of the market. Its large ammunition capacity and tremendous damage potential make it a particular favorite of certain Marines when engaged in close quarters fighting.

Rail Pistol

The Rail Pistol line of weapons are excellent in handling close quarters engagements, while still remaining perfectly portable!


A quality plasma pistol, developed for use as a sidearm by elite and special forces personnel, it is fully automatic and quite chunky.

List of Longarms


Boneshard Rifle (Tactical, Advanced)

The rifle, which often features a more utilitarian design compared to the pistol version, fires a heavier shell filled with larger boneshards.

Burrower Rifle

This rifle appears oversized, built more like a scattergun than a rifle. Depending on who manufactured this weapon, it may have a disturbingly organic appearance to it, including pulsing veins and an insect-like carapace.

Chakram Rifle (Tactical, Advanced)

The rifle is lightweight and sleek, and like the pistol version features few moving parts.

EMP Rifle (Tactical, Elite)

This rifle features improved range and delivers more damage compared to the pistol. The more advanced, elite, version boasts a streamlined design and a more efficient pulse generator. These improvements allow the user to discharge the elite version more than once per round.

Enervating Rifle (Vampire, Bodak)

Although the rifle has several advantages over the pistol form, it nonetheless suffers from limited range and a long recharge time compared to most energy weapons.

Rail Repeater

The Rail Repeater line of weapons excel in sending streams of magnetically accellerated death at your enemies!

Warhammer, The

The Warhammer is a specialized version of a magnetar gun, fused with elemental magic to give it the Trailblazer Fusion. It is popular among colonists and those exploring the unknown.

List of Sniper Weapons

Longbow, The

The Longbow is a plasma Sniper rifle. A rarity, it can be overcharged to give it an extra kick when necessary. It is often heavily modified with accessories and Fusions by individual snipers to suit their own personal style.

Rail Sniper

This rail sniper line of weapons allows for high-powered fire upon targets, who get hit literally before the sound of
the shot can reach their ears!

Scalpel, The

The Scalpel is the premier laser sniper rifle. It packs a solid punch to take down a target, and may be overcharged for that little extra power when needed.

List of Heavy Weapons

Rail Cannon

The rail cannon line of weapons uses multiple high powered magnetic coils to deliver astounding kinetic force with
each shot fired!

List of Grenades

Jammer Grenade (I-III)

When this type of grenade detonates, it causes no physical damage. Instead, it floods the area of effect with harmless radiation that interferes with and prevents all forms of electronic wireless communication. Radios, communicators, wireless networks, and similar devices cannot communicate into the area of effect, within it, or out of it until the radiation field dissipates.

T-Scrambler Grenade (I-III)

At present, this experimental grenade remains scarce and expensive due to its specialized nature. When a T-scrambler detonates, it doesn’t inflict physical damage. This type of grenade bombards creatures with a unique radiation that inhibits their innate telepathic abilities. Whereas the jammer grenade’s (see above) effects remain in the area where it detonated, the T-scrambler affects the creatures caught within the blast radius. Thus, if a creature fails its Reflex save while in the area of effect, it cannot send or receive telepathic communication until the effect’s duration expires, whether it leaves the original blast zone or not.

List of Nano-Weapons

Nano-weapons are specialized nanoviruses which in most cases cause harm to the subject rather than providing a benefit. Most nano-weapons, like other applications of nanotechnology, started with more altruistic goals before the idea of weaponizing them came to fruition. Few nanoweapons were conceptualized as potential weapons from the start. It’s usually near the end of the development lifecycle a scientist looking for additional research funds, or a scientist of questionable ethics has the eureka moment where they tell themselves, “Hey, wouldn’t this make an awesome weapon, and I bet a defense company would pay top dollar for the design specifications.”

Nano-weapons are stored in 1 ounce canisters and almost always delivered by injection. The needler pistol and rifle presented in Chapter 7 of the Starfinder Core Rulebook, and the retractable syringe presented in the Cybernetic Augmentations section are the most common delivery devices.

All nano-weapons with the injection delivery mechanism can also be purchased as a nano-grenade by paying double the normal purchase price. A nano-grenade consists of the typical nanite canister placed in a grenade-like container which deploys the nano-weapon as a 15-foot radius aerosol burst. This makes them twice as dangerous in public but much easier to defend against in military situations. Any armor that provides breathing as an environmental protection automatically shields the wearer from the effects of a nano-grenade. The aerosol deployment method does not function in a vacuum. For additional information on grenades, see the "Weapon Descriptions" section in Chapter 7 of the Starfinder Core Rulebook.

Carbonite Encasement

One of the strangest nano-weapons on the market, carbonite encasement was originally developed to ship livestock between planets on sub-FTL system ships. The subject must make a Fortitude save (DC 16), or succumb a state of hibernation. The nanites use carbon molecules stored in the subject’s solid, liquid, and gas wastes to encase their body in carbonite lattices complete with controls to end the encasement. Carbonite encasement can be maintained for up to one year per level or Hit Dice of the subject. Carbonite encasement only works on carbon based organics.

Gray Death

A weapon of the most depraved and foolhardy, gray death is a weaponized derivative of gray goo. It comes in a special injection module with its own containment field. When the nanovirus is injected into victim gray death goes immediately to work replicating itself at the host’s expense. The gray death builds more gray death nanites by recycling the hosts living tissues for materials.

For most people an injection with gray death is a death sentence. Each round the victim must make a Fortitude save (DC 20) or suffer 1d2 points of damage to each of their ability scores. Gray death continues every round until either all of the victim’s ability scores are reduced to 0, or the gray death is deactivated by a nano-hunter. Victim’s slain by gray death become gray goo colonies. (There may be other ways of removing this affliction at the GM’s discretion.)

Blue Death: This is the weaponized version of gray-blue goo. Blue death functions exactly like standard gray death except it only reacts with carbon-based organics. It will dissolve an enemy and transform them into gray-blue goo, but has the advantage of leaving their equipment intact and undamaged.

Violet Death: Designed as a weapon from conception, violet death is the assassin’s weapon of choice. Violet death functions like blue death but is programmed to only attack organisms with specific nuclear DNA markers. It's also known as “chainsaw” on in the shadow market because it can eliminate an entire family tree. Violet death can target up to five generations of a family. Note, a husband and wife don’t share the same DNA markers, but their children do. Targeting a child’s nuclear DNA would affect both parents, but targeting a parent’s nuclear DNA would affect the targeted parent and the children leaving the other parent immune.

Gray death and its derivatives blue death and violet death are all horrible nano-biological weapons. They are outlawed by almost all civilizations that have the technology to produce them.


Friendship makes a humanoid creature or playable character race regard you as its trusted friend and ally (treat the subject’s attitude as friendly). This nanovirus causes the subject to act as though they are under the effect of a Charm Person spell with a few exceptions.

Once the subject is injected they receive a Will save (DC 15 to fight off the effects of the friendship nanovirus. If they succeed they are not charmed, but gain the dazed condition for 1 round. If the subject failed their Will save they fall under the charm person affect for 4 hours.


Glowworm is favored among bounty hunters and spies who literally need to paint a target on their quarry. The subject must make a Fortitude save (DC 11), or a pale glow surrounds the subject in a dim luminescence similar to candle light. Any subject outlined by the effects of the glowworm nanites takes a -20 penalty on all Stealth checks.

An outlined subject does not gain any benefit from concealment provided by darkness, blur, displacement, cloaking, refractors, invisibility, or similar effects. Advanced glowworm is more difficult to resist (Fort DC 15) and superior glowworm is even difficult to resist (Fort DC 19). Once glowworm infects a subject the nanovirus feeds off the biological energy provided by the host and its effects will last indefinitely until the subject makes a fortitude save or is injected with proper nano-hunters. The subject is entitled to a new saving throw every 24-hours to rid themselves of the glowworm nanites.


Jubilex is another seedy black-market nanovirus popular amongst anarchist and persons more interested in causing mayhem than out right murder. Due to its nature, the victim is often brought down by law enforcement before the truth of the nanovirus is known. Criminals have been know use jubilex on innocents to cover their escape.

The jubilex nanovirus attacks the neurological system, causing the subject to be confused, as per confusion, for 2d6 rounds. If the subject succeeds at a Will save (DC 16) they are unaffected by the jubilex nanites. Advanced jubilex is more intense than the standard version, requiring a Will save (DC 20) to avoid the confused condition. If the saving throw is failed, the subject is gains the confused condition for 2d6 round but the D% is increased by +25% and any roll of 100+ is considered a 100.


Killswitch is a deadly nanovirus used by extremist governments and top-secret agencies to blackmail subjects into doing something they normally wouldn’t do. Killswitch isn’t just a clever name, it allows someone to trigger a potentially deadly nanite attack remotely as simply as flipping a switch. Unlike other nanoviruses, killswitch isn’t always injected, but often ingested after being planted in food or drink. After ingestion, the killswitch nanites work their way to the brain and heart of the subject. Killswitch must be triggered, but may be done so remotely. These nanites can also be set to trigger if the subject ever disconnects from a network.

When killswitch is triggered, the subject must make a Fortitude save (DC 25) or take 3d6 Constitution damage. If the subject makes their saving throw they take half damage.


The nano-EMP is one of the great equalizers when primitive societies find themselves at odds with highly advanced ones. These nanites are often gifted to primitives by spacefaring societies who are opposed to the advanced society the primitives have found themselves at odds with.

After injection, the nano-EMP lays dormant in its host. The host can activate the nano-EMP as a move action. Once activated the nano-EMP lets out a relatively weak 30-foot radius electromagnetic pulse. This pulse is too weak to destroy electronic equipment but is strong enough to prevent it from functioning while in its area of effect. The pulse effect last for 4d6 rounds and cannot be turned off once activated. This nano-weapon is a one-use item.

Cybernetics and bionics (biotech) operate on biological systems and are not affected by this nano-weapon, but the pulse does temporarily shut down other nanites.

Paralytic Inhibitor

Paralytic inhibitors have as many legitimate as illegitimate uses. In addition to injection these nanites may also be ingested. They immediately spread throughout the body and attempt to cease all of the target’s motor functions.

The subject must make a Fortitude save (DC 21), or gain the helpless condition for 2d6 minutes. If the subject succeeds on their saving throw they gain the staggered condition for 1 round.


An incredibly vile nanovirus, reaper is used in both torture and espionage. It has a single purpose—to inflict excruciating pain and damage to the subject. It floats inert in the bloodstream until activated, at which point the nanites burrow outward in random directions. Unlike other nano-weapons reaper can be activated up to 5 times and each time the results are more intense than the previous activation.

When reaper is activated, the subject is inflicted agonizing pain that imposes a –2 penalty to ability checks, attack rolls, and skill checks. In addition, the subject must make a Fortitude DC 20, or take 1d8 points of damage. This damage is not subject to any form of shielding or damage reduction. Each time reaper is activated the damage increases by 1d8, so by the fifth activation it does 5d8 damage. Each activation is subject to a separate Fortitude saving throw. In the case of a successful saving throw the subject only takes half damage for that activation. Reaper can only be activated once per round, but does not have to be activated in successive rounds.

Reaper comes with a small remote control for activating the nanites. The range on the remote control is limited to 500 feet. Since reaper is used in espionage it was specifically designed not to work on wireless frequencies as to avoid any form of remote detection from traffic sniffing.

Synapse Overload

For many years this nanovirus was used in correctional facilities for prisoners sentenced to death. After injection, the nanite colony travels straight to the brain. This nanovirus causes all the subject’s synapses to violently trigger resulting in a storm of overstimulation. The subject immediately takes 14d20 damage and is staggered for 1 minute. The subject can make a successful Fortitude (DC 21) to avoid the staggered condition, but still takes full damage.

Truth Bringer

A favorite nanovirus for interrogation specialist, the truth bringer prevents the subject of the injection to tell any deliberate or intentional lies. The subject is aware that they cannot lie and can choose to avoid answering a question rather than telling the truth. It last for 4 hours and is then flushed out by subject’s natural body systems. The subject may attempt to resist the truth bringer nanites by making a Will save (DC 16), but failure result in 2 Wisdom damage. The subject can avoid the saving throws by telling the truth.

List of Special Ammunition

Riot Rounds

Any small arm or longarm designed to shoot standard rounds (e.g., hunting rifle, combat rifle, seeker rifle, etc.) can instead fire riot rounds. A riot round is fashioned with hardened plastic. Whereas standard bullets inflict piercing damage, riot rounds cause nonlethal bludgeoning damage.

Tracker Rounds

Any small arm or longarm designed to shoot standard rounds can fire tracker rounds. A tracker round inflicts nonlethal damage. Its primary purpose is to mark or “tag” a target with an electronic or radioactive beacon. Any person with the proper sensor equipment can track a marked target out to a distance of 1 mile. Barriers and materials can block the signal as described for the detect radiation spell. If the target removes the bug, they can no longer be tracked. The tracker functions for up to 24 hours after striking a target.

Weapon Special Properties

The following are new weapon special properties.


When a nullifying weapon explodes, instead of inflicting damage within the area of effect, it dampens the telepathic abilities of creatures caught within the blast radius. Creatures in the area of effect must make a Reflex saving throw (DC = 10 + ½ the weapon’s level + the attacker’s Dexterity modifier) or be unable to send or receive telepathic communication for a number of rounds equal to the weapon’s level. A nullifying weapon has no effect on magical telepathic communication, such as that provided by the telepathic message spell.

Source: LPJ:IS:FW&EA


A weapon with the static property prevents all forms of electronic communication within the area of effect for a number of minutes equal to the weapon’s level. Technological communication devices cannot receive or transmit messages during this duration. If the device is moved outside the affected area, however, it functions normally. For communication equipment worn or as part of armor, the owner/wielder can attempt a Reflex saving throw (DC = 10 + ½ the weapon’s level + the attacker’s Dexterity modifier) to avoid the effect. This weapon has no effect on magical or telepathic forms of communication.

Source: LPJ:IS:FW&EA

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